LIPA issues RFPs for renewable energy and distributed generation

The Long Island Power Authority recently issued two requests for proposals for energy projects. One of the proposals is for variable-sized renewable energy projects, and the other is to begin replacement of Long Island’s fleet of peaking generation facilities with newer distributed resources.

The RFP for renewable capacity is seeking as much as 280 MW of solar, offshore wind and fuel cells by 2018, according to the LIPA. The RFP for new peaking or distributed generation, energy storage and demand response resources is seeking as much as 1,630 MW.

The newer sources of energy being sought to replace the peaking power units will replace approximately 1,000 MW of units installed in the ‘60s and ‘70s, LIPA stated in a release.

Both RFPs are part of a comprehensive long-term energy strategy approved by the LIPA Board of Trustees in October 2012. The long-range plan is expected to increase renewable energy projects and energy efficiency to a total of more than 1,000 MW by 2022, according to LIPA.

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