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AREVA-led consortium to study research nuclear reactor in Belgium

AREVA TA, Ansaldo Nucleare of Italy and the Spanish group, Empresarios Agrupados, were awarded a contract to perform preliminary studies for the MYRRHA research nuclear reactor at a Belgian nuclear energy research center.

AREVA TA will be awarded more than half of the total contract of 24 million euros ($32.5 million). The contract includes estimating the investment and operation cost for the reactor, validation of performance objectives, preparation for an operating license, and the definition of a detailed project schedule, AREVA said in a release.  The company will provide technical coordination and manage the overall design, as well as performing studies for the general installation, safety, and instrumentation & control.

The MYRRHA research reactor will contribute to the development of transmutation as a technique for recycling and processing highly radioactive waste. The reactor is scheduled to begin operation in 2024-2025.

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