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Westinghouse, Toshiba and Exelon collaborate on nuclear project

Westinghouse Electric Co., Toshiba Corp. and Exelon Nuclear Partners (ENP), the largest nuclear power fleet operator in the U.S., signed a memorandum of understanding to create a proposal for the construction of nuclear power plants for King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (K.A.CARE), the government body established to develop alternative energy sources in Saudi Arabia.

Toshiba and Westinghouse will provide nuclear expertise related to their advanced reactors. ENP will provide operations and associated services for the project.

Toshiba and ENP were partners in an earlier team formed in July 2010. By adding Westinghouse, the new partnership will be strengthened by its ability to draw on Westinghouse’s AP1000 plant technology and engineering expertise, a press release said.

“We are excited to join a team that gives us an opportunity to provide our cutting-edge technology and innovative passive safety systems,” said Danny Roderick, Westinghouse president and CEO. “We are confident that this project will go well, as we already have a deep working relationship with Toshiba and with Exelon, which is a long-standing customer and business partner.”

The AP1000 plant is the first Generation III+ design to receive design certification from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). In addition to the U.S., the AP1000 plant has undergone detailed reviews in Canada, China and the United Kingdom. Eight AP1000 units are currently under construction worldwide, with four units each in the United States and in China.  

Interest in nuclear power is rising in Saudi Arabia. K.A.CARE was established in April 2010 to promote alternative energy sources to oil, and the country plans to construct as many as 16 nuclear power reactors by 2032.

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