Westinghouse, Toshiba team up to form nuclear marketing group

Westinghouse and Toshiba Corp. announced today the formation of BWRPLUS, a joint marketing organization for bringing products to operating nuclear power plants in North America.

According to a company press release, BWRPLUS acts as a single communication channel offered to customers for an array of Toshiba and Westinghouse technology. “North American nuclear customers interested in boiling water reactor nuclear steam supply system, steam turbine/generator, balance of plant, or transmission and distribution products and services will benefit by working with BWRPLUS,” Westinhouse said in a statement.

Wayne Bentley, former vice president for nuclear services at Westinghouse with 35 years of experience in the industry, will lead the single communication efforts as vice president, BWRPLUS, which will operate within the Westinghouse Americas region.

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