$1.2bn transmission system to be canceled if route not approved

SunZia Southwest Transmission project New Mexico alternate route U.S. Bureau of Land Management

A company proposing a $1.2 billion power transmission system has said it will cancel the project if the preferred route for the system is not approved by the federal government, according to a report from the Alamogordo News.

SunZia’s Southwest Transmission Project application is set to be approved or denied in September by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, according to the report. Critics, including the U.S. Department of Defense, have expressed concerns the route preferred by SunZia and the BLM could threaten the training mission at White Sands Missile Range and have suggested a more northerly route around the range.

According to SunZia, an alternate route at this stage in the project would require another environmental impact study that would take years to complete and kill the project because of financial considerations, the report states.

The transmission project would transmit solar and wind power to provide electricity to Western populations centers, according to the News.

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