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Nuclear industry to see boost from Obama climate policy

The nuclear power industry in the United States is poised to get a very welcome boost under the Obama administration’s new climate policy, Bloomberg reports.

Exelon (NYSE: EXC), the nation’s biggest producer of nuclear power, has held fast to a low-emissions investment strategy while its stock price declined 64 percent since 2008. As the Obama administration signals a preference for emissions-free power production, according to Bloomberg, that strategy may now be paying off. Renewable technologies are similarly expected to reap the benefits of the any new policy environment, while coal companies are likely to be the clear loser.

“The one clear winner that I think you can point to out in the industry is zero-emissions generation sources, so nuclear for Exelon, wind and solar farms for NextEra,” energy analyst Andrew Smith told Bloomberg. “Any sort of asset that doesn’t produce CO2.”

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