New Projects, Reactors

Report: The future of nuclear power rests on Plant Vogtle

As the two new nuclear reactors under construction at Vogtle begin to take shape in Georgia the future of nuclear power hangs in the balance, according to a report from Matthew Wald for the New York Times.

Observers will all be looking to Vogtle for answers to the most pressing questions surrounding nuclear power, says Wald, like “What does a new reactor cost?” and “With the price of natural gas near history lows, can it even by worthwhile?”

“As the current generation of reactors moves toward retiresment, the two projects may be the industry’s last best hope” Wald says.

According to the report, executives at Southern Co. (NYSE: SO) said they were eager for the challenge. “It takes leadership to do something like this,” Sothern’s vice president for nuclear development, Joseph “Buzz” Miller, reportedly said.

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