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Three Mile Island to be first nuclear plant tested on terrorist attack response

The Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Pennsylvania will be the first in the U.S. to be tested on its emergency response procedures in the event of a terrorist attack, The Patriot News reports.

The drill will take place in the context of a simulated attack, perhaps a strike from the air, like an airplane deliberately crashing into the facility, thought the nature of the fictional scenario is being kept secret. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been requiring nuclear plant operators to prepare for such scenarios since 2011. Three Mile Island took part in a pilot drill for such an attack several years ago.

The drill will involved hundreds of people, a spokesman for the NRC told The Patriot News, including personnel from the plan in addition to federal regulators, and state emergency response officials. The scenario will include a mock news conference and will test the effectiveness of how the nuclear plant communicates pertinent information to the surrounding communities and general public.  The drill will begin in the late afternoon and continue to about 10 p.m. EDT.

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