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Georgia coal fired power plant racing to begin construction

Plant Washington Georgia NSPS deadline racing

Developers of a planned 850 MW coal-fired plant outside Sandersville, Ga. told the Macon Telegraph they are in a “dead sprint” to begin construction of the facility by April 13, the deadline for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to finalize its New Source Performance Standard.

If the $2.1 billion Plant Washington, which is being developed by Allied Energy Services, is under construction by the time the NSPS rule is finalized, it will be exempt from the rule that would limit carbon dioxide emissions to 1,000 pounds per MWh for new power plants. Although the rule’s deadline is April 13, the Washington Post has reported the rule may be rewritten, causing the EPA to delay finalizing the rule.

Although a delay would make it easier for Plant Washington to begin construction before the rule is implemented, it could also cause more regulatory uncertainty that has already led to companies abandoning new coal-fired power projects, according to the Telegraph.

Delays in EPA rules have already led to problems at Plant Washington. According to the report, developers were unable to complete the plant’s boiler design until the Mercury and Air Toxics Standard was finalized last week. Until the boiler design was finalized, the developers could not line up financing and sign engineering, procurement and construction contracts.

A representative from Allied Energy Services told the Telegraph the company expects the contracts will be in place and the project will be far enough along to be exempt from greenhouse gas requirement.

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