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Gallup: Americans want more emphasis on solar, wind and natural gas

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Many Americans say they want more emphasis on solar, wind and natural gas installations in the U.S. than they do oil, nuclear and coal, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Out of everyone who responded, 76 percent of all Americans want more emphasis on solar, 71 percent on wind and 65 percent on natural gas. Oil is next with 46 percent favorability, with 37 percent wanting more emphasis on nuclear and 31 percent on coal.

Political lines also determined which source they wanted to see more of. Solar power was favorable to those who said they were Democrats, with 87 percent wanting more emphasis, compare to 68 percent of Republicans. Conversely, 51 percent of Republicans said they want more emphasis on coal compared to 21 percent of Democrats. Oil had a large gap with 71 percent of Republicans wanting more emphasis and 29 percent of Democrats voting the same.

Across the nation, solar is the top or is tied for the top choice, though respondents who live in the South tended to be more supportive of oil and coal than those in other regions.

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