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ABB wins contract for 125 MW solar power project in Arizona

ABB solar inverters Power-One acquisition

ABB (NYSE: ABB) announced Tuesday the company has won a contract from Fluor Corp. (NYSE: FLR) for the 125 MW photovoltaic Arlington Valley Solar Project. The project, locating in Arlington, Ariz., is being developed by AVSE II, a member of LS Power Group.

The project will consist of five array blocks that utilize PV panels made of crystalline silicon cells on a single axis sun tracking system; a SCADA system to monitor and control the plant’s various systems; the well water supply and treatment system; and the interface with the plant meteorological system. Relevant plant information will be made available to a remote site and to the California Independent System Operator.

ABB’s scope includes S+ Operations as the SCADA package to fulfill stringent requirements of scalable yet flexible architecture. S+ Operations will support 60,000 redundant tags with 1000 Historian Logs. Hardware provided includes one RTU, 67 network switches, a GPS clock, control room furniture, two server/client PCs, one client PC, eight communication servers, two printers, a UPS backup power supply and one engineering station. The project was scheduled to be executed by ABB’s North American Renewables team in January.

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