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NRC issues report card to U.S. nuclear power plants

NRC assessments Browns Ferry Fort Calhoun Susquehanna River Bend

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued its annual assessment letters to the 104 power plants in operation in the US in 2012, 99 of which scored in the two highest performance categories.

A total of 81 of the country’s nuclear reactors met all safety and security performance objectives, while 18 reactors, the NRC determined, needed to resolve one or two outstanding issues of low-safety significance. The NRC will conduct additional inspections at those facilities, which are Beaver Valley 1 and 2 (Pa.); Browns Ferry 2 and 3 (Ala.); Catawba 1 (S.C.); Davis Besse (Ohio); Fermi 2 (Mich.); Fitzpatrick (N.Y.); Harris (N.C.); Nine Mile Point 1 (N.Y.); Point Beach 1 and 2 (Wisc.); Prairie Island 2 (Minn.); River Bend (La.); San Onofre 2 and 3 (Calif.); Seabrook (N.H.) and Susquehanna 1 (Pa.). Since the reporting period came to an end, Susquehanna 1 and River Bend Station have resolved their issues and transitioned to the highest performance level.

The three reactors scoring in the third category, with a “degraded” level of safety and security performance, includes Columbia Generating Station in Washington State, Perry 1 in Ohio, and Wolf Creek in Kansas. Browns Ferry 1 in Alabama was found to have an outstanding safety issue of “high significance” and placed in the fourth performance category, requiring additional inspection.

Fort Calhoun in Nebraska is under special NRC oversight and was not included in the 2012 report card grading.

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