EEI expects transmission investments to top $15bn in 2013

FERC approves Entergy ITC Holdings transmission business merger

The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) projects year-over-year total transmission investment from EEI members to continue rising until 2013, reaching a peak of around $15.1 billion, according to a report released this month.

EEI highlighted more than 150 transmission projects in the report with a total investment of around $51.1 billion through 2023. That number is down from the $64 billion highlighted in DDI’s 2012 report because of “changing projections of system needs,” EEI stated in the report.

The report shows actual transmission investments reaching more than $11 billion in 2011, with planned investments reaching more than $13 billion in 2012 and more than $15 billion in 2013 before dropping back to planned investments of nearly $14 billion in 2014.

Of the projects highlighted in the report, 76 percent support the integration of renewable resource generation, comprising about $38.7 of the total investment through 2023. These projects will involve the addition of upgrade of 13,300 miles of transmission, according to the report.

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