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GE turbines to be used in Swedish wind power project

Fredriksdal Energi AB will be using 10 GE (NYSE: GE) wind turbines for a new project in Sweden. The 1.6 MW turbines will produce 16 MW of electricity, which is enough to power 11,000 Swedish homes.

GE will transport, install and commission the turbines for the wind farm during 2013. The farm will be located in Fredriksdal, which is south of Nässjö.

The 1.6-100 wind turbines have blades and towers extending to 100 meters, which is equivalent to 33 stories. According to GE, the turbine offers a 47 percent increase in swept area over previous megawatt class models, resulting in a 19 percent increase in annual energy production at 7.5-meters-per-second wind speed.

Fredriksdal Energi AB is a fully-owned subsidiary of Stena Renewable AB.

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