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Kansas River hydro project expands Bowersock Mills’ portfolio

A 4.85 MW Bowersock Mills & Power Co. hydroelectric power plant on the Kansas River is expected to start producing electricity as early as Nov. 2, according to the Lawrence Journal-World. The $25 million project will be completed a month earlier than projected.

However, river levels are currently so low that power production will be challenging. During the first 10 days or so of operation, the company will inflate a new rubber bladder that has been installed on the top of the Bowersock Dam, according to the article. The bladder will increase the height of the dam and enable the mill pond upstream of the power plant to start rising in elevation.

Bowersock Mills & Power Co. has signed a 25-year deal to sell power from the dam to the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities. The company also owns a 2.2 MW hydroelectric project on the Kansas River near the new project that has been operating since 1874.

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