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Arc flash protection system

Issue 11 and Volume 116.

Arc flash protection system

The ABB Low Voltage Products division has released TVOC-2, a new generation of its proprietary Arc Guard System that protects electrical equipment from dangerous electrical arc flashes. TVOC-2 features numerous upgrades and new functions to provide superior arch flash protection, detecting faults in low and medium voltage switchgear and disconnecting the power provided to the arc within 30 to 50 milliseconds. An arc flash will typically trip a circuit breaker in approximately one second, enough time for the arc to destroy the switchgear and kill or seriously injure a person. TVOC-2 is now UL listed.


Ultra High-Performance Pressure transducer

Ultra High-Performance Pressure transducer

Setra Systems Inc. introduces the new AccuSense Model ASM, an ultra high-performance pressure transducer, designed to provide exceptional accuracy, stability and overpressure protection within demanding test environments.

The patented AccuSense Model ASM ensures linearity and stability, with full-scale end point accuracy of ±0.05 percent, or ±0.1 percent of reading. Units are available in ranges from -14.7 PSI to 1000 PSI, with choices of gauge or absolute pressures and 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC, or 4-20 mA outputs, as well as various pressure and electrical connector types, to suit exact user requirements. Overpressure protection of up to 2X proof pressure is standard, with the optional inclusion of a patented high overpressure protection up to 10X proof pressure.

The unique design of the Model ASM combines Setra Systems own patented, field-proven, capacitance sensing technology with the very latest in electronic circuitry design, including integral digital signal conditioning.

Setra Systems Inc.
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Base drive

Base drive

Siemens Industry, Inc. has introduced its new Sinamics DC Master (DCM) Base Drive as a result of increasing demand for base drive panels using the Sinamics DC Master converter.

It is a flexible and cost-effective solution for new installations and retrofits where space is limited. Sinamics DC Master Base Drives offer more power per panel in the same footprint as compared to the previous two generations of base drives. These base drives are rated from 15A–850A continuous current.

Standard features of the new SINAMICS DCM Base Drive include input fuses, output DC fuses (regen only), control transformer, AC line contactors, PROFIBUS, BOP20, UL508A Certification and 65KA SCCR rating.

Siemens Info.

Copolymer resin

SABIC introduces its new Lexan EXL copolymer resin made to address the trend of miniaturizing of photovoltaic connectors and junction boxes. The electrical and flame-retardant performance of the redin enables designers to miniaturize the entire system by creating thin-wall parts, moving conductors closer together and integrating junction box systems.

The Lexan EXL 9330S grade holds a UL standard with a PLC-2 rating. The flame-retardant material complies with the UL94 V0 standard at 0.8 mm.

SABIC Innovative Plastics
Info: RS#: 401

Current conductors

Douglas Electrical Components introduces the StudSeal hermetic feedthrough product family, which offers a selection of solid copper, heavy-current conductors sealed in a variety of standard housing styles and materials. The stud connectors from this line are used in vacuum or pressure applications where high current or high voltages penetrate a barrier.

StudSeal feedthroughs can seal high-pressure or high-vacuum environments, and are compatible with a variety of liquids and gases. These hermetically sealed studs are primarily used for the transfer of power into and out of a sealed environment at operational loads up to 1000amps and 15kV.

Info. RS # 402

Industrial timer

Industrial timer

Marsh Bellofram Corp. introduced the 405AR series, an economical industrial timer family designed with on-delay instantaneous relay functionality, designed for a variety of daily-use OEM and control package timing applications.

The 405AR series features twelve individual timing ranges within a single unit, packaged within a highly compact 8-pin 48mm2 standard DIN housing, which can be watertight when panel mounted with an 8-pin round (octal) socket.

The timer operates from an industry standard 24-240 VAC or 24 VDC power supply, and features a large and easy-to-read display dial with decimal points and 10A DPDT output contacts. A special LED indicator provides a unique and effective flashing method of cycle progress indication. Units may be effectively used as drop-in replacements for most 8-pin on-delay and interval timing applications.

LED Area Light

LED Area Light

Dialight has unveiled its new DuroSite LED Area Light, the newest addition to its line-up of LED industrial lighting solutions.

The DuroSite LED Area Light delivers 79 lumens per Watt to effectively replace up to a 250W HID unit slashing energy consumption by nearly 70 percent.

Available in either 180-degree forward throw or 360-degree circular optical pattern, the LED Area Light is ideal for interior or exterior general area illumination and task lighting for industrial applications. Flexible mounting options include direct conduit, stanchion and wall mount, as well as a swing bracket wall mount that allows for precise light placement directly where it is needed most.

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Tank Side Coalescer

The Eriez Hydroflow Tank Side Coalescer is designed to sit behind a metalworking shop’s machining center and skim free-floating tramp oil out of the machine coolant. With a flow rate of 1.5 GPM, this small, inexpensive sump-side coalescing unit allows oils to rise naturally by providing a motionless area not available in a turbulent sump.

The submersible pump sits inside the coolant tank drawing coolant into the 15-gallon drum. The adjustable skimmer removes any tramp oil off the top layer of coolant. Through a gravity hose, the clean coolant is returned to the machining center sump.

Eriez For

Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber Optic Cables

Optical Cable Corp. announces the immediate availability of its 10 gigabit multimode, ruggedized tight buffered fiber optic cables designed to withstand harsh industrial environments found in manufacturing plants.

OCC’s tight-buffered fiber optic cables have two thin coatings surrounding each optical fiber and a secondary buffer that, together with the primary coating, reaches “heavy weight” proportions such as 387 microns.

OCC’s ruggedized fiber optic cables are made to withstand environmental insults such as caustic and volatile chemicals, excessive moisture and fungus, UV exposure, and operating temperatures ranging anywhere from -55 to +124 °C.

Optical Cable Corp.
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Dust Collector Diagnostics

Dust Collector Diagnostics

FilterSense’s B-PAC series of baghouse performance analyzers and controllers feature a combination of features to help dust collector operators reducing operating costs, improving the process and meet EPA or OSHA compliance simultaneously.

The controllers tightly integrate control, sensing and signal analysis to provide time and money saving diagnostics including the ability to detect/locate filter leaks weeks before emissions are visible; the ability to detect/locate failed pulse solenoids that can lead to plugged filters; and the ability to instantly detect/locate ruptured or frozen pulse-jet diaphragms where one undetected rupture can cost $1K of compressed air in one week.

FilterSense For

Data acquisition hardware platform

Data acquisition hardware platform

VibRunner is a solution-oriented data acquisition hardware platform from m+p international. It is designed for dynamic measurement and shaker control applications where numbers of channels and high data throughput are vital for accurate and efficient testing.

VibRunner is designed for projects such as engine test cells where high data throughput is important, large structures where distributed inputs reduce sensor cabling, large channel count requirements such as sensitive satellite pre-flight testing, or just where a wide range of testing needs demands the ultimate flexibility in test system configuration. The product is designed to be used with m+p’s proven VibControl, SO Analyzer and Coda software solutions.

The 19″ mainframe houses up to 3 front-mounted modules and can be used standalone or rack mounted. With DC and AC inputs to the power supply and a high- quality silent fan which can be switched off at the host PC for sensitive measurements, VibRunner is equipped for all test installation requirements.


Emergency warning equipment

Emergency warning equipment

BEx offers explosion-proof horns, strobes, combination units and loudspeakers from E2S.

The equipment is made for use in both onshore and offshore gas and dust hazard areas in Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

The horns have 32 alarm tone frequencies, three stages and outputs of 117 or 121dB(A) at 10 ft. The Appello offers user-recordable voice messaging combined with a choice of tones. The Xenon strobes are rated at 5, 10, 15 and 21 Joules, giving peak outputs of 35,000, 79,500, 94,750 and 110,800 candela. The combined horn-strobe units and double-ended strobes are available, as are multi-unit arrays with different combinations of sounders and strobes on a common mounting plate.

Info RS#: 404

Temperature and pressure charge amplifier

Temperature and pressure charge amplifier

Kistler North America introduced the Type 5155A multi-channel temperature and pressure charge amplifier. The Type 5155A is designed to convert the charge signal from all types of piezoelectric sensors and Type K thermocouples into a proportional voltage output signal, for the effective monitor, control and optimization of injection molding processes.

The Type 5155A measurement range input is offered in two ranges, with choice of single-, two- or four-channel operation, that may be switched over individually for each channel by remote. Those with temperature inputs are provided with one charge amplifier unit and one temperature amplifier, or two charge amplifiers and two temperature amplifiers.

The charge amplifier is ideal for optical lens manufacturing, thin- or thick-wall medical component molding, and electrical connector manufacturing applications

Kistler North America
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Class 1 Division 2 LED Light

Class 1 Division 2 LED Light by Larson Electronics has released its high power, hazardous location approved, LED light fixture capable of replacing 400 watt metal halide units. Designed for use in demanding industrial, commercial, and marine environments, the HAL-PRM-150W-LED incorporates the latest in Cree led design and offers the high efficiency, high power and long life of LEDs in an IP65 rated fixture. Designed to provide an efficient and highly durable alternative to 400 watt metal halide lamps, this hazardous location light is Class 1 Division 2 approved and rated for use in outdoor and marine environments.

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight For

Industrial Cycle Timer

Industrial Cycle Timer

Marsh Bellofram Corp. has announced the introduction of the 422AR series, a multi-range repeat On/Off industrial cycle timer. The series is designed to be used as a cost-effective drop-in replacement for most 8-pin repeat cycle timers within OEM equipment, industrial process control, compressor monitoring, pump control, food processing and packaging control applications.

Marsh Bellofram Corp. For

Shock accelerometer

Shock accelerometer

Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt group division, has introduced the Endevco model 7274 series of high-g triaxial piezoresistive shock accelerometers designed for high-acceleration shock measurements across three mutually perpendicular axes.

The Endevco model 7274 series is the triaxial version of the company’s single-axis 7270A series. It is made to work across four ranges of 2,000 g; 6,000 g; 20,000 g and 60,000 g. It is designed with three sensors mounted in a triaxial arrangement within a single housing and for each axis, a MEMS sensor is sculptured from a single chip of silicon. The construction allows for a sensor with high resonance frequency, low output impedance and zero damping for minimal phase shift over its useful frequency range.

Meggitt Sensing Systems
Info RS#: 406

All-in-One Portable Accelerometer Shaker and Calibration System

All-in-One Portable Accelerometer Shaker and Calibration System

Meggitt Sensing Systems has introduced the Endevco model 28959F/28959FV, a portable accelerometer shaker and calibration system with integral signal conditioning, designed to provide both excitation and high-precision NIST-traceable calibrations of charge mode piezoelectric, voltage mode piezoelectric, piezoresistive, and variable capacitance accelerometers within a convenient “all-in-one” unit, facilitating compliance with ISO 17025 and A2LA requirements.

With its high-performance and portability, the Endevco model 28959F/28959FV may be used as both an in-house laboratory system, or as an onsite calibrator for field checks of individual measurement chain components.

Meggitt Sensing Systems

On-Site Disinfection Generators

On-Site Disinfection Generators

Miox Corp. provides cost-effective water management solutions for the power industry with an effective alternative to expensive and hazardous delivered chemicals. By generating chemistry on site, on demand, customers experience bottom line savings and operational efficiencies, keeping power generation operations running.

Power plant applications include cooling tower treatment, process and makeup water treatment, boiler feed pretreatment and drinking water disinfection.

Miox Corp.

Wireless Network Module

Wireless Network Module

The new WNM Wireless Network Module from Moore Industries is an accurate and reliable solution for sending process signals between remote field sites. The WNM provides a low-cost wireless communications link between field sites that are in rugged or impassable terrain, with a single unit transmitting for up to 30 miles and the ability to act as a repeater for a virtually unlimited transmission range.

The bi-directional WNM employs Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping technology to avoid interference problems caused by crowded radio spectrums. This technology allows multiple radio networks to use the same band while in close proximity. Operating at standard operating frequencies of 902-928MHz or 2.4-2.4835GHz, the WNM does not require a regulatory license and can typically be installed without performing costly RF site surveys.

The WNM is easy to install and use, as it can be factory-configured to fit user specifications before being shipped.

Moore Industries-International For



Baldor Electric Company has added 98 new ratings to the popular Baldor Reliance Super-E motors with Internal AEGIS Bearing Protection Ring. Originally launched in 2010, this product line provides end-users with off-the-shelf availability of motors equipped with a pre-installed shaft ground.

The additional 98 ratings expands the existing 4 pole line of TEFC & ODP designs through 100 HP and adds a generous offering of 2 and 6 pole models, as well. Additionally, 575V TEFC motors were added, 1 to 50 HP, as well as TEFC & ODP close-coupled pump motors.

Baldor Info. RS # 407

Forklift Truck for Heavy Lifting

Forklift Truck for Heavy Lifting

Nissan Forklift Corp. introduces the GO6 Series to its Platinum line. The heavyweight pneumatic tire GO6 Series forklift truck features a powerful diesel engine, allowing it to lift loads of up to 17,500 pounds and heights of up to 26 feet. The diesel engine, equipped with a turbo charger, has a common rail fuel injection system that uses the optimal amount of fuel for greater power and fuel economy.

The GO6 Series forklift truck uses hydrostatic power steering for greater control and maneuverability. It increases operator comfort with a full suspension seat, wide view carriage and two-speed automatic transmission. The seat-actuated power interrupt feature prevents lift and tilt functions when an operator is not on board.

Nissan Forklift Corp. For more

Terminal block line

Terminal block line

Wago Corp.’s 2060 Series SMD-Terminal Block line gains 1- and 3-pole variants, bringing push-button actuation to additional PCB-based LED lighting and electronics. The 2060 Series’ push-button is made to streamline termination and permits removal for wiring error correction.

The series accommodates the broadest range of solid/stranded conductors (AWG 24–18) within one unit — even tinned, top-coated or pre-bonded ones. All 2060 Series models are UL/cUL Recognized: 1-pole units carry an industry-topping 600V/9A rating; 2- and 3-pole models are rated 250V/9A. Applications include LED lighting/signage, as well as thermostat, alarm and HVAC controls.

Wago Corp.
Info RS#: 408

Transportable transformer

Transportable transformer

Bridgeport Magnetics, in cooperation with Con Edison, developed the PhazeSaver Model PS15000, a transportable 15,000 VA transformer designed to restore 240VAC power from a single phase 120VAC and a good neutral source.

Two units may be paralleled together for loads up to 30kVA, and it can also provide 120V power from a service without a neutral but with two good phases. The PhazeSaver is made to work with both overhead 120VAC/240VAC and underground 120VAC/208VAC systems.

Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc.
Info RS#: 409

Piezoelectric Accelerometer

Piezoelectric Accelerometer

Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt group division, has introduced the Endevco model 2226C, a compact and lightweight adhesive mounted piezoelectric accelerometer, designed for vibration testing of smaller structures and objects.

The Endevco model 2226C features a top-mounted 10-32 receptacle for easy installation within space-constrained environments. Units are designed to reliably operate over a temperature range of -67˚F to +350˚F. As a self-generating device, the model 2226C requires no external power source for operation. Although signal return is connected to the case, a user may isolate signal ground from the mounting surface by installing the unit with non-conductive adhesive.

Meggitt Info.

Dust collection elbows

Dust collection elbows

Abresist Kalenborn Corp. provides wear resistant lined elbows that are made to extend the life for coal or limestone dust collecting equipment by offering abrasion and corrosion-resistant lining.

Custom engineered linings are available with a wide range of different materials and a variety of installation methods designed to maintain the internal configuration critical to the successful operation of the units for the best wear protection.

Abresist Kalenborn Corp.
Info RS#: 410

Piston gauge

Piston gauge

Fluke Calibration has introduced the PG9602 Piston Gauge, a reference standard designed for the highest level of pressure metrology and research.

The PG9602 piston gauge was developed with the requirements of National Measurement Institutes and researchers in mind. A 100 kg mass load provides a wide range defined by each piston-cylinder assembly and enables improved overlap of piston-cylinders for inter-comparison.

Fluke Calibration AMH automated mass handling technology allows for unattended testing, establishes a better reference vacuum and improves long-term mass stability. The PG9602 piston-gauge, combined with Fluke Calibration’s PG9607 50 mm piston gauge, enables realization and dissemination of pressure values to 10 MPa with low uncertainties, and directly traceable to dimensional measurements.

Piston Gauge
Info. RS # 411

Screw-in protective vents

Screw-in protective vents

W. L. Gore & Associates introduces the next generation of its screw-in Gore Protective Vents for lighting, solar and telecommunication infrastructure applications, designed with a more rugged, single-body construction that increases protection against mechanical stress. For additional reliability, all of these vents are now online quality-tested and laser-marked with unique identification numbers to enable individual product tracking.

The screw-in vents are made to maintain high airflow in electronic housings and sealed devices. The constant airflow equalizes internal pressure, which in turn prevents premature failure of the housing seals by virtually eliminating vacuum caused by pressure build-up. At the same time, the vent prevents water, dust, dirt and other contaminants from entering the housing and damaging the sensitive electronics. A chemically inert, UV-resistant membrane withstands operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 125°C, enabling the vent to be used in harsh environments. For extreme conditions, such as explosive environments, Gore offers a metal vent with the same screw-in design and protection performance.

W.L. Gore & Associates
Info RS#: 412

Reducing valve

TLV Corporation has announced the release of its DR20 (Direct-acting Reducing Valve) for air service. The valve includes air pressure reduction and shutoff and can also be utilized in other gas applications (including CO2 and N2). It also features Class 4 seat leakage rating that delivers tight shutoff.

TLV’s DR20 is available in ½”, ¾”, and 1″ in NPT.

TLV Corp
Info. RS# 413

Aluminum Machined Levels

Aluminum Machined Levels

The four new Aluminum Machined Levels – 4-Vial Aluminum Machined Torpedo Level (Model 400UM), 5-Vial Aluminum Machined Torpedo Level (Model 500UM), 5-Vial Aluminum Machined Laser Level (Model 800LMI), and U-Shape, V-Groove 10-Function Aluminum Machined Level (Model F-10) – are heavy duty and lightweight, making them able to stand up to tough job conditions, while remaining easy to carry.

The levels are especially ideal for applications that involve reading slope, such as replacing or installing new drain pipe. They feature an oversized, 0-gradiant vial to aid in sloping installations, and are marked for rises of 1/8″ to 1/2″ of slope per foot of run.

The oversized vials are also easy to read, even in dark working areas. Additionally, the levels are equipped with an extra vial to provide more leveling functions and accuracy.

Ridgid For

Locking Steel Tape Measures

Locking Steel Tape Measures

Lightweight and easy to carry, the Ridgid Locking Steel Tape Measures are designed with a comfortable grip on a heavy-duty tape measure structure. The durable tape measures are available in 16-foot (Model 616) or 25-foot (Model 325) versions.

The tape measures are equipped with a rubber case that has stainless steel caps and provides grip traction in wet conditions. The extra-wide (1 1/16″) measuring blade is easy to read, nylon coated and abrasion resistant.

Ridgid For

Sensor prototype kit

Sensor prototype kit

Cal Sensors has announced the launch of a new sensor prototype kit, a plug-and-play tool deigned to dramatically accelerate prototyping, validation and product development for new gas measurement instruments. The kit supports PbS and PbSe detector technologies.

The kit consists of two digital drive boards with integrated electronics, a one to four element detector, a PIREPlus emitter and developer´s software. Engineers have the option of buying the complete prototyping kit or a subset of the kit.

Sensor kit
Info. RS# 414

Quartz high-pressure sensor

Kistler North America has announced the availability of its Type 6215. Type 6215 is a quartz-based, high-precision pressure sensor, known as a field-proven industry standard for meeting the rigorous application demands of high-pressure measurement requirements.

Design of the Kistler Type 6215 incorporates a quartz crystal sensing element and front sealed diaphragm, packaged together within a rugged, stainless steel housing. This technology allows for low mechanical and thermal stresses upon the sensor, with no mounting gap (small dead volume) and a largely reduced surface pressure within the sealing part.


Battery separators

Dreamweaver International Inc. introduces its nanofiber-based battery separators.

The separators are designed to make batteries safer by providing higher temperature stability and better electrolyte wettability. The separators are also made to help alleviate “dry spots” inside batteries.

Dreamweaver International Inc.
Info RS#: 415

Shuttle valve

Shuttle valve

The Lee Company has announced the release of its 375 Spring Biased Shuttle Valve, which is intended for high pressure applications with system pressures up to 5000 psi. The poppet in this 0.375″ diameter shuttle valve is biased so that the emergency port is normally closed, and the normal and service ports are connected. For added installation flexibility, the valve is available with the biased port at either end of the valve.

Weighing only 12 grams, the 375 Spring Biased Shuttle Valve is constructed entirely of stainless steel, and is 100 percent tested and inspected to ensure reliable, consistent performance.

Shuttle valve!OpenDocument

Distribution Circuit Breaker

Distribution Circuit Breaker

Siemens Infrastructure and Cities’ Low and Medium Voltage division has released the SDV7-MA distribution circuit breaker which provides a magnetic-actuator operator as an alternative to the established stored-energy operator in the type SDV7 outdoor vacuum circuit breaker family.

The type SDV7-MA circuit breaker uses a monostable magnetic-actuator design which provides advances over the bistable design, with faster opening times and significantly less force required to manually trip the circuit breaker.

Siemens For

Low-g Range Series

Low-g Range Series

Silicon Designs, Inc. has announced the introduction of its new LG Series, a dedicated product family of low-g range chips and modules, designed to support of a variety of zero-to-medium frequency aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, industrial, and general test and measurement requirements.

The LG Series provides high-drive, low-impedance buffering for high-reliability performance in temperatures up to +125°C within a rugged, anodized aluminum housing. Series accelerometer modules produce two analog voltage outputs which vary with acceleration and feature a four-wire connection, in support of both single ended and differential modes. The sensitive axis is perpendicular to the bottom of the package, with positive acceleration defined as applied force to the bottom of the package. Signal outputs are fully differential about a common mode voltage of approximately 2.5V and may be powered with a 9V battery.

Silicon Designs, Inc. For

Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

American Electric Technologies has introduced two new models in their 1000 Volt, Integrated Solar Inversion Station product line.

Utilizing the 1.0 MW solar inverter architecture witness-tested to UL 1741 at 1000 volts, the new 1.5 MW ISIS inversion system with the new 38 kV utility interconnect system enables optimization of DC and AC solar performance while meeting ANSI C.37 codes and NFPA safety requirements.

The ability to run solar farms at 1000 volts versus traditional 600 volt farm designs with the new 1.5 MW UL1741 platform and 38 kV interconnect system enables utility-scale project developers to implement DC and AC designs at the highest voltage levels, thus reducing Balance of Systems cabling costs and power losses from the PV panel through the grid connection point. ISIS also reduces field installation labor costs by incorporating all key solar inverter elements into a skidded, pre-commissioned, factory built, NEMA 3R outdoor platform.

Info. RS#416

Solar module

SCHOTT Solar PV, Inc. has announced the 72-cell Schott Power Poly 275 – 285 W module, which is designed to better support commercial and utility projects. The new module offers a 10-year product warranty, 25-year linear power warranty, and positive sorting tolerance to deliver maximum value for large projects.

The modules enable reduction in installation time and cost for large fixed tilt and tracker systems due to their optimal form factor and light weight (43 lbs.).

The Schott Power Poly module is environmentally tested to double the industry certification standards for thermal cycling and damp heat tests to ensure consistent and superior performance throughout the lifetime of the system.

Info. Email [email protected]

Steamer Turbo

Steamer Turbo

Rasirc has announced the new Steamer Turbo for specialty applications in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. This is the first RASIRC steamer with integrated gas blending control, solving the common problem of condensation when blending steam with compressed gases. It delivers high flow rates of steam combined with nitrogen or oxygen, which can improve the uniformity of thermal oxide films and momentum for particle removal after condensation.

A variety of semiconductor and photovoltaic manufacturing processes require that water vapor be mixed with nitrogen or oxygen. To avoid condensation, the gases must be heated above the steam dew point, minimally 80°C or hotter, for those applications that need to impart more energy to the substrate upon contact. Without tight gas temperature control there is a serious risk of premature condensation leading to contamination and film non-uniformities. The Steamer Turbo solves this problem by incorporating an integrated compressed gas control system that can deliver up to 100 slm of gas at 120°C. The control system includes a mass flow controller, regulator, filter, and in-line gas heater. The close coupling of the gas heater to the purified steam outlet ensures cleanliness and controls the temperature of the blended gas, thus virtually eliminating condensation.

Combining Rasirc patented steam purification technology with UHP steam generation and hot compressed gas enables an alternative to deliver both energy and ultrapure water through condensation at the wafer surface. The integration of hot compressed gas provides a sweep gas to move the condensed steam away from the wafer. This can enable new forms of wafer cleaning not possible before.

Info. RS# 417

String inverters

String inverters

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. has announced the launch of the PV Powered (PVP) HE String inverter line, suited for North American residential and small-commercial rooftop installations. The new PVP HE String line is one of the first inverters to offer standard ZigBee wireless monitoring.

ZigBee based wireless monitoring allows the new PVP HE String inverters to communicate with an optional AE wireless gateway. The design and wireless features eliminate the need for inverter modifications in the field as well as complex cable configuration from the inverter. Integrating ZigBee monitoring also allows compatibility with other ZigBee enabled Smart Grid communication devices such as smart appliances, utility Smart Meters or home area network (HAN) controllers.

The PVP HE String line offers power ranges from 3.8 to 7 kW and will be available in Q2 2012. AE’s new line of string inverters are covered by a standard 10-year warranty with optional 15- and 20-year warranties.

Inverter Info.

Switch Button

Switch Button

APEM Components introduces Controlmec, a five position integrated switch solution.

Controlmec is made for activation in indoor and non-dusty applications and can be used to control a unit, navigate in a display or supplied as an IP67 sealed solution.

Controlmec is a single pole/momentary switch, rated for a lifetime of 10 million operations. The solid cap has a temperature range of -40 to +65, while the LED operates from -40 to +85°C. It is available in nine cap colors and eight LED colors or color combinations.

APEM Components
Info RS#: 418

Thermistor strings

Aquatemp Global has introduced thermistor strings to monitor and record in real-time, water temperatures in up to 2-mile long multi-point polyethylene cables for bottom-laying or vertical suspensions. Sensors, attached at customer-specific points, are buried in the interstices of the multi-conductor cables, making them virtually damage-proof. They can be laid into lakes and rivers, bays and oceans.

Additional sensors can be combined in the thermistor strings, including sensors to detect chemicals, motion and radiation. Underwater cables run to the shoreline, then direct-buried or hung in air on poles to the control room or recording station computers. The cables and housings are made from polyethylene which has total immunity to water and also to persistence of radiation. Repairs, splices and extensions are made simply by a portable injection molding kit that Aquatemp has developed for on-site work.

Info. http:://www.AQT-GB

Thin-gauge PPO sheets

Thin-gauge PPO sheets

Ensinger Inc. now offers thin gauge Tecanyl PPO sheet, manufactured by Penn Fibre, Ensinger’s thin gauge sheet manufacturing division.

Tecanyl is suitable for industrial high performance applications and can be found in computers and business equipment. The sheets are made from Sabic Noryl EN 265 resin and absorbs low amounts of moisture. The sheets are available in three different thicknesses: 0.062-inch, 0.093-inch and 0.125-inch.

Ensinger also offers a low 50 sheet minimum on .040-inch. The standard sheet size is 24-inch x 48-inch.

Info RS#: 419

Heat-resistant blankets

Heat-resistant blankets

Torch Wear designed the heat-resistant Ultimate Blankets to protect workers from heat injuries and molten metal splash, metal-cutting, welding, arc flash or potential exposure to intense heat.

The blankets are made with a patented flame resistant fabric that carbonizes and then expands when exposed to intense heat. The blanket is not designed to char, shrink or burn and is not a chemically treated fabric

Blankets are available with or without grommets and in four sizes: 5′ x 5′, 5′ x 6′, 6′ x 6′ and 8′ x 8′. Custom sizes are available.

Torch Wear
Info RS#: 420

Pressure transducer

Pressure transducer

Marsh Bellofram Corp. announced the global market introduction of the Type 1500 zero-based panel mounted electro-pneumatic pressure transducer, designed to provide low-cost precision control with low air consumption, in support of valve actuation and positioning, HVAC systems monitoring, material handling systems monitoring, final control elements, pulp and paper handling controls, liquid and gas processing systems, automation systems and other high-flow industrial monitoring and control requirements.

Occupying a small footprint, the compact size and accessibility of the Type 1500 to its supply and output ports, located on the front and back of the unit, allow it to be installed within space-constrained locations or in a manifold for the effective control of multiple devices. Units also offer external zero and span adjustments, as well as a field-accessible orifice, for ease of service and repair.

Marsh Bellofram Corp.
Info RS#: 421



GF Piping Systems has announced the Signet 9900 SmartProTransmitter to offer value-added functionality while streamlining the instrumentation offering. The new 9900 platform will provide a variety of innovative and enhanced features that can adapt to meet dynamic customer needs.

The transmitter provides a single-channel interface for multiple parameters including flow, pH, ORP, conductivity/resistivity, pressure, temperature, level, salinity and more. A key feature to the new device is its large (3.90″ x 3.90″) backlit display that allows visibility at four to five times the distance of other transmitters. Other capabilities include relay and warning LEDs and an intuitive menu for easy programming.

GF Piping Info RS# 422

Triple modular redundancy

Turbine Technology Services Corp. (TTS), a full-service gas turbine engineering services firm, has designed a solution to offer triple modular redundancy (TMR) for gas turbine control applications. This solution leverages control technology from Rockwell Automation, a provider of automation controls and information solutions.

The Rockwell Automation Trusted TMR controller is designed to provide enhanced safety and availability for power generation and gas compression applications. The controller incorporates a fault-tolerant architecture to help eliminate illegitimate system trips and provides high availability as part of its inherent safety-related functionality.

Turbine Technology Services Corp.
Info RS#: 423

Volt/VAR optimization

Ventyx announced the availability of model-based volt/VAR optimization (VVO) as a commercially available application in its network manager distribution management system (DMS).

The new functionality is designed to enable users to improve the efficiency and reliability of distribution systems.

Network Manager DMS is an application for distribution management, providing monitoring and control, network analysis and outage management in a single, integrated utility software platform. It uses an operating model of the DMS along with a mathematical optimization algorithm.

Info: RS#: 424

Warning signals

Warning signals

E2S Warning Signals LLC introduces the E2x range of horns, strobes, combined horn-strobe units and loudspeakers. The signals are UL approved for Class I Div 2 use and are made from lightweight, corrosion-free PPS plastic and impact-resistant ABS. Mounting via a fully adjustable stainless steel ‘U’ bracket and having ½ inch NPT cable entry with flying leads, there are options for 24 and 48VDC and 115 and 230VAC.

The horns are designed with three alarm stages, with synchronized outputs up to 116dB(A) and a choice of 45 international tones. The 5 and 10 Joule strobe units have a choice of six lens colors and are powered by user-replaceable plug in Xenon tube modules. The PA loudspeaker versions have 15 Watt RMS outputs, generating sound levels of up to 118dB(A) with an operating frequency range of 400 to 8000Hz. The E2xCS combined 110dB(A) horn and 5 Joule Xenon strobe unit provides efficient and cost-effective audio-visual signaling in a single product.

E2S Warning Signals LLC
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Vacuum recloser

Vacuum recloser

ABB released the 38kV GridShield, a three-phase vacuum recloser with single phase tripping capabilities that is equipped with the RER620 Intelligent Electronic Device (IED).

The GridShield recloser was released in 2011 for 15-27 kV design. Rated for up to 10,000 operations and with modular pole assembly, the GridShield offers the flexibility to function as a recloser, sectionalizer, or automated load break switch. The GridShield’s combines ABB’s recloser’s industry leading reliability with the advanced capabilities of the RER620.

The RER620, part of the ABB Relion family of controllers, has integrated loop control and comes standard with fully implemented IEC 61850 and GOOSE messaging features. Included in the RER620’s extensive set of protection functions is inrush detection, ideal for use in distributed generation applications and high impedance fault detection for downed conductor detection. Other advanced features include the powerful PCM600 tool suite and web-based HMI for quick and software-free IED configuration and record downloading.

ABB Inc.
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Accelerometer modules

Silicon Designs Inc. has announced the global market introduction of its new model 2445 series, a family of single-ended low-noise analog MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules, designed to support a variety of low-to-medium frequency triaxial measurement requirements.

The rugged design of the model 2445 features three orthogonally mounted low-noise MEMS capacitive sensing elements, packaged in a nitrogen-damped, epoxy sealed lightweight aluminum housing, finished with a ±5V single ended output. The outputs are referenced to external ground. Units are available with individual standard measurement ranges from ±2 g to ±400 g, with all designed for reliable operation over a temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. Non-standard units with enhanced measurement and temperature ranges, as well as alternative housings and outputs, are available upon request. The model 2445 features a six-wire connection with an instrumentation amplifier on each axis, for higher drive capability and low-impedance output. Both on-board voltage regulation and an internal voltage reference eliminate the need for precision power supplies and help ensure low power consumption. In addition, the model 2445 is relatively insensitive to temperature changes and gradients. Units respond to both DC and AC acceleration.

Silicon Designs Inc.
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Alstom introduced an upgraded version of its GT13E2 gas turbine.

The GT13E2 gas turbine is Alstom’s offering in the E-class gas turbine1 market. The turbine was originally launched in 1993.

The upgraded GT13E2 turbine now offers over 200 MW power, an additional 10 percent electricity when compared to the earlier rating. The higher output is offered at an increased efficiency of 38 percent.

Every major area of the engine’s performance has been enhanced in this upgrade. It has been designed by using compressor technology from Alstom’s advanced class gas turbines, a development that allows it to deliver the additional output. The engine also offers enhanced environmental benefits by lowering carbon dioxide emissions and lowering water consumption by as much as 60 percent when burning oil.

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Tubular sensor line

Tubular sensor line

Automation Systems Interconnect Inc. (ASI) released the S50 universal tubular sensors line. The series offers all optical functions of proximity, polarized retoreflex and through bream. Also available with class 1 laser emission, added advanced functions of background suppression, background /foreground suppression, analogue displacement and contrast and luminescence, allowing the S50 series to act as one housing for all applications.

The S50 is carried out-by either potentiometer, which is sealed to IP67, or using the EASYtouch push-button teach system, which allows for a rapid and precise automatic setting of the switching points. This sensor is a flat plastic tubular housing, ideal for M18 nut or screw mounting or metal cylindrical housing and cable or M12 connection with EN standard NPN or PNO NO-NC configuration.

ASI Inc.
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Explosionproof pressure transmitters

Explosionproof pressure transmitters

American Sensor Technologies Inc. (AST) offers its AST46HA Series of Explosion-proof Pressure Transmitters with extended pressure ranges up to 20,000 PSI.

In addition to Class 1, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D approvals that make the transmitters suitable for use in acetylene and hydrogen environments, the AST46HA possesses Class 2, Div 1, Group E, F and G (dust-ignition-proof) approvals for use in mining, cement and other dusty applications. The AST46HA is also ABS approved for offshore and marine applications.

A new fail mode indicator option allows users to choose an output signal that rails or drops during a fault condition, providing better control on how their systems react should sensors failure. For example, if the AST46HA fails while running a system, the output signal can go 5 percent above the maximum or 5 percent below the minimum to indicate a transmitter problem. Conditions such as electrical overload or extreme pressure transients cause pressure transmitters to fail. In these events, the customer can control how their systems react to failures.

Vented and non-vented versions of the AST AST46HA are available along with F250C female process ports for robust high-pressure process connections.

AST Inc.
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Bearing checker

Bearing checker

Kittiwake, a global provider of asset control and protection technology, announced the launch of its MHC Bearing Checker, a small handheld device designed to provide an instant indication of machinery condition. The acoustic emission-based instrument is a cost-effective solution to monitoring an unlimited number of machines on a periodic basis.

Based on the detection of high frequency activity that is naturally generated by deterioration in rotating machinery, the MHC Bearing Checker is simple to use as its Distress parameter removes the need for machine specific interpretations.

Each measurement takes in the region of 10 seconds, requires no set-up, previous history or knowledge of machine design details, such as bearing type, number of balls or race diameters for example. The unit is powered by an internal rechargeable battery, offering up to 1000 measurements between charges.

Info RS#: 431

Bench rod oven

Bench rod oven

A new HydroGuard Bench Rod Oven from Lincoln Electric can be used to help to protect stick electrodes from damaging moisture pickup, a major contributor to potential weld cracking and porosity. The new Bench 350 model holds up 350 lbs. (159 kg) of stick electrode up to 18 in. (46 cm) in length, enough for multiple operators in almost any fabrication shop or maintenance operation.

Lincoln Electric
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Bottom ash piping

Bottom ash piping

ABRESIST fused cast basalt lined pipe, manufactured by Abresist Kalenborn Corp., has provided wear protection in bottom and fly ash lines for over 40 years.

The abrasive ash erodes most piping materials, reducing the service life of the transport systems and components and increasing downtime. Basalt is extremely wear and corrosion resistant, providing mineral-based protection, reducing friction-induced abrasion and creating a smooth surface with good flow properties. Most Abresist piping installed in bottom ash systems have achieved extended service lives of several decades and are still in use today.

Abresist Kalemborn Corp.

Control system

The AERCO Control System (ACS) is a flexible controller designed to maximize energy savings in modular boiler plants. The ACS can stage and coordinate the operations of up to 32 boilers and is designed to maximize the operating efficiency of condensing equipment. Eight of these 32 boilers can be designated for domestic heating priority. Another eight boilers may be designated as swing boilers serving domestic hot water and building space heating as demand required. With individual unit turndown as high as 20:1, a five-boiler plant delivers 100:1 system turndown when staged to operate sequentially.

Able to regulate overall plant output, a boiler plant with ±2°F header temperature variation is assured under normal load conditions. It offers sequential or parallel operation flexibility, 100 percent control of auxiliary equipment, and user programmable modes of operation that can be changed in the field. The ACS automatically rotates the lead unit to help equalize boiler runtime.

The controller is designed for easy installation with low voltage, twisted pair, shielded wire between the panel and boilers. Fault alarm contacts, automatic system start, two interlock circuits and the ability to start an auxiliary piece of equipment (at both start and 100 percent load) combine all critical functions of the boiler plant into one reliable control center.

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Dispensing systems

Dispensing systems

Dymax Corp.’s manually controlled dispensing systems facilitate accurate dispensing through the use of a unique, normally closed, hand-held Model 200 diaphragm valve. The diaphragm valve is designed with a very lightweight, wand-style body to make it more ergonomic for users. The versatile, turn-key dispensing systems can be used for a variety of applications including dot, bead, and potting applications.

The Model 200 diaphragm valve is engineered for optimal performance and long service life. It is made from materials that are compatible with a wide variety of low- to medium-viscosity fluids such as light-curable adhesives, epoxy resins, cyanoacrylates, and activator-cured adhesives. Each system includes high-quality, light-blocking polyethylene fluid tubing in two sizes – 3/8-inch OD for maximum flow and ¼-inch OD to provide flexibility for easy handling. The air filter regulator features an integrated shutoff valve and pressure exhaust to quickly and safely depressurize the system, eliminating the need for the operator to open and close the regulator. The systems offer a variety of material pressure vessels to accommodate various material package offerings.

Dymax Corp.
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EtherNet/IP module

EtherNet/IP module

Emerson Process Management has introduced an EtherNet/IP Module for Micro Motion Coriolis meters. Suitable for new or retrofit installations, the module is compatible with all Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters, and is the only Coriolis EtherNet/IP solution for hazardous areas. Access to the multivariable data enabled by the module allows for increased productivity and fast process insight with control system access to flow, density, temperature and many other parameters.

The EtherNet/IP Module can be mounted in the control cabinet, removing the need to run Ethernet cabling out to the field. The module web browser provides network access to a powerful configuration and diagnostic interface, enabling a full range of remote activities.

The EtherNet/IP Module is suitable for DIN Rail mounting and is ODVA Certified. The software provided enables Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters to be easily configured remotely via the plant network.

Emerson Process Management
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Fanless embedded system

Advantech introduces the ARK-1120, an ultra-compact fanless embedded system powered by an Intel Atom N455 processor.

This product is well-suited for applications that need a simple but dependable controller. ARK-1120 is ideal for thin client and factory automation applications with space limited or low-power-consumption designs.

Advantech SUSIAccess provides a smart, easy, remote management API so users can monitor, configure, and control a large number of terminals and centralize maintenance. Advantech SUSIAccess also supports FTP offsite back-up of complete system and files at any time, along with full system and file restore if the system should ever fail to boot up or crash. ARK-1120 is quite compact, and makes an ideal client terminal. ARK-1120 paired with Advantech SUSIAccess makes the whole system more reliable and more intelligent.

Info RS#: 436

General purpose piezoelectric accelerometers

Meggitt Sensing Systems has introduced the Endevco model 2224C series, a family of piezoelectric accelerometers designed for general purpose vibration measurements of smaller structures and components, as well as shaker tables, within industrial and in-laboratory applications.

Offered with a 12 pC/g sensitivity, the Endevco model 2224C series features a 10-32 top connector for convenient mounting within space constrained environments. Series accelerometers incorporate the use of Meggitt’s own proprietary piezoelectric crystal technology, operating in annular shear mode. Sensor construction allows for low base strain sensitivity, high resonance frequency and excellent output stability over time. Signal ground is connected to the outer case of the unit and, when used with isolated mounting stud, is electrically case isolated from ground. A low-noise coaxial cable, the Endevco model 3090C-120, is supplied for error-free operation, along with a 10-32 mounting stud and installation wrench.

Optional accessories, sold separately, include the Endevco model 2771C-XX remote charge converter; model 2775B benchtop signal conditioner; the model 133 three-channel piezoelectric signal conditioner; or the model 4990A (Oasis) rack mounted signal conditioner and power supply. Various isolation mounts and magnetic mounting bases (both isolated and non-isolated) are also available.

Meggitt Sensing Systems

Hand valves and manifolds

Parker Hannifin Corp., a leader in motion and control technologies, is now offering hand valves and two-, three-, and five-valve manifolds in carbon steel, a more economical material than stainless steel. Developed by Parker’s Instrumentation Products Division (IPD), the new series provides an ideal solution for natural gas transmission lines, as well as other chemical/petrochemical and power industrial instrumentation applications that don’t require the extreme performance of stainless steel.

The new carbon steel hand valves and manifolds are pressure-rated up to 6,000 psig (414 bar) to provide system flexibility when selecting process valves for a variety of applications. They are designed to work with Parker’s industry-leading A-LOK® and CPI™ fittings, as well as other manufacturers’ products. An external adjustable gland allows for full adjustment of the stem packing without removal of the valve from the system. Handles are color-coded to quickly and easily identify valve functions – including test/drain, equalize, and isolate – thereby avoiding errors and increasing safety.

Parker Hannifin Corp.

Helium leak detector

Pfeiffer Vacuum, one of the world’s leading producers of vacuum products and services, has introduced the Adixen ASI 30 fully integratable modular helium leak detector for industrial applications. The ASI 30, featuring 3G technology and reduced maintenance requirements, is the latest in a proven line of modular leak detectors.

The new ASI 30 helium leak detector features 3G technology for enhanced reliability and repeatability with minimum maintenance requirements. Its modular design and small footprint optimize the ASI 30 for minimum space. Simple two cable connection allows easy setup, and selectable I/O meets or mimics any installation requirement. Interface options include RS232, Ethernet, Profibus, or USB. It can be controlled using a detachable full color touch screen display or by PC or PLC.

Adixen by Pfeiffer Vacuum offers an extensive portfolio of helium leak detectors in a wide range of performance, sensitivity, portability, and budget choices.

Pfeiffer Vacuum
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Auto-darkening helmet

Auto-darkening helmet

The new Tweco WeldSkill auto-darkening welding helmet features four sensors. It can be used in both weld mode and grind mode and will darken when TIG welding even at 5 amps. The helmet has a large viewing area of 3.86-inch x 1.69-inch, weighs 16 oz. and uses solar power to eliminate the need to change batteries.

When switching from dark-to-light, users can select from three switching speeds: short (0.25s to 0.35s), medium (0.35s to 0.50s) and long (0.50s to 0.80).

The new helmet comes in four popular styles: Carbon Fiber, Patriot Eagle, Chopper Rider or Skull & Fire.

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Threaded hole plugs

Threaded hole plugs

Heyco Products Inc. has announced availability of their new Liquid Tight Threaded Hole Plugs with NPT, PG, and Metric Hubs.

Designed specifically for hydraulic and pneumatic applications, the plugs provide a liquid-tight seal up to 70 psi, are IP 68 Rated, and feature an integral sealing ring that provides a superior seal at the mounting hole location to protect against contamination and moisture. The plugs are constructed from electrically non-conductive Nylon 6/6, are available to fit multiple hole sizes, and have a hex shaped head with slot for wrench or screwdriver installation.

The plugs are also non-corrosive, resist oil and heat up to 221°F (105°C), and provide a lower cost option over brass or steel plugs.

Heyco Products Inc.
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Injection firmware

Injection firmware

Kistler has announced a new firmware upgrade for its Type 2869B CoMo Injection process monitoring system, version 2.3. This new firmware upgrade now allows for automatic mold identification, in addition to cost-effective cavity pressure monitoring and 100 percent zero-defect parts quality, within plastics injection molding applications.

Designed to support up to 24 measurement channels within a single compact footprint, CoMo Injection is a real-time production optimization, control and monitoring system for plastics injection molding. All functions required for effective process evaluation are fully integrated into a single unit, with no PC requirements for operation. CoMo Injection also offers network or stand alone capabilities and an ERP interface for data export, with multi-channel cable technology and IP67 environmentally sealed connections. Units are also CE approved. This newest firmware upgrade allows for the support of enhanced zero-defect molding operations of electronic components, optical lenses, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), medical components, and metal injection molding (MIM).

CoMo Injection allows for direct piezoelectric cavity pressure sensor connection for signal acquisition and evaluation from the injection molding machine or other sensors. An optional touch screen allows for real-time visual display of cavity pressure curves during the actual injection molding process. Other user-selectable capabilities include monitoring functionality, digital output functionality, good versus bad parts separation, real-time threshold, and ability to export cavity pressure information directly into the CoMo DataCenter Type 2829B database, for enhanced curve analysis, statistical functions and reporting. Additional software options include hot runner balancing, centralized database, and process quality documentation capabilities.

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Installed receptacle/wall box

Installed receptacle/wall box

Meltric Corporation’s receptacle/wall box with integral circuit protection combines the safety of a pre-wired Meltric DSN Series switch rated receptacle with local circuit protection. Available in fuseholder- or circuit breaker-equipped models, the receptacle/wall box provides an easy installation option for the Meltric DSN Series switch rated receptacle/plugs. The local circuit protection is rated for branch circuits at 20A, 30A and 60A, and motor ‘line of sight’ disconnects at 5HP, 10P and 20HP. The switch-rated DSN receptacle, which features a dead front safety shutter for protection from live parts and arc flash, is pre-mounted to the box and wired to the circuit protection.

Meltric Info. Email Bill Fortman [email protected] RS# 441

Liquid level sensors

Liquid level sensors

Danfoss, a manufacturer of high-efficiency electronic and mechanical components and controls for air-conditioning, heating, refrigeration and motion systems, introduces the AKS 4100U, a new range of adjustable Guided Radar liquid level sensors for the industrial refrigeration segment.

Using Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technology, AKS 4100U liquid level sensors are made to measure liquid levels of many different refrigerants, including ammonia, HCFC, HFC and CO2, in vessels, accumulators, receivers and standpipes. The AKS 4100U sensors are available in two different versions: The customizable cable version is suitable for all industrial refrigeration applications, except marine applications, and is supplied with a 197-inch cable and a probe length that can be adjusted to suit the needs of each customer.

The coaxial version is suitable for all industrial refrigeration applications, including marine applications and can be supplied in a variety of lengths (from 19.2 in. up to 85 in. or 500 mm up to 2200 mm).

Info RS#: 442

Luminescence sensors

Luminescence sensors

Automation Systems Interconnect Inc. (ASI) is pleased to announce the release of the luminescence sensors line. The LD46 series is ideal in applications where ultraviolet light can be emitted and receive visible light reflected from luminescent surfaces.

The technology in this sensor is made to allow the detection of fluorescent marks on any object separately from its color, material and distance inside the operating range. The LD46 avoids interferences or reflections from non-luminescent surfaces, like mirrors, glass, shiny metal surfaces, etc. This sensor has a fast switching frequency up to 2 kHz, easy setting and clear bar-graph indicator and is IP67 mechanical protected.

ASI Inc.
Info RS#: 443

Magnetic bearing controller

Calnetix Technologies LLC, a leader in high-speed motor generator technology, announces the commercial availability of its latest technology development, the Insight 3600 magnetic bearing controller. These compact, panel-mounted units are the company’s third generation of magnetic bearing controllers, offering control of advanced permanent magnet bias magnetic bearings in up to five independent axes.

Magnetic bearing controllers monitor shaft position and provide the electrical current to maintain the magnetic fields that position a rapidly spinning shaft.

Each Insight 3600 controller contains all the elements necessary to operate a magnetic bearing system, including a sensor interface to drive and demodulate up to five sensor coils, providing the position of the rotor in real time, a powerful DSP (digital signal processor) that regulates power amplifier current to drive the bearing actuators based on position sensor data, power amplifiers rated at 3600 VA (Volt Ampere) each for driving the actuator on up to five axes within the bearing, and a comprehensive GUI (Graphical User Interface) per channel.

The Insight 3600 controller is available for use with the company’s advanced Powerflux and Xcelflux magnetic bearing products.

Calnetix Technologies LLC
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Microphone and preamplifier

Microphone and preamplifier

Meggitt Sensing Systems introduced the Endevco model EM46BE, a combined ¼-inch free-field pressure microphone and iTEDS-enabled preamplifier set (per IEEE 1451.4), designed for general purpose and larger channel count precision acoustic measurements within a variety of applications, including vehicle pass-by noise testing; environmental noise analysis; wind tunnel arrays; high sound pressure levels measurements; and appliance and other consumer product noise evaluations.

The Endevco model EM46BE comes in a preassembled, pre-calibrated kit, consisting of the model EM40BE ¼-inch prepolarized free-field microphone and the model EM26CB ¼-inch ISOTRON preamplifier with Microdot coaxial connector.

With a frequency response from 10 Hz to 40 kHz (±1 dB) and a wide dynamic range of 40 dBA to 160 dB (re. 20 μPa), the Endevco model EM46BE is designed according to guidelines set forth by IEC 61094 Class 1.

Meggitt Sensing Systems
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Miniature piezoelectric accelerometers

Miniature piezoelectric accelerometers

Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt group division, has introduced the Endevco model 256 series, a family of miniature piezoelectric accelerometers with integral electronics that are designed for modal and structural analysis and general vibration measurements on smaller structures and objects, as well as HALT/HASS/ESS; shaker testing; package integrity testing and wind turbine vibration measurements.

The model 256 series is offered in choice of adhesive (256) or thread mounted (256HX) versions, with available sensitivities of 10 mV/g (±500 g range) and 100 mV/g (±50 g range), both with milli-g resolution.

Supplied with the Endevco model 256 series is mounting wax and the model 3061A-120, a 10-foot cable assembly with temperature rating to +177°C (+350°F). Optional accessories, sold separately, include the Endevco model 133 three-channel piezoelectric signal conditioner; the model 2775B signal conditioner; the model 2793 16-channel signal conditioner; the model 4416B low-noise battery powered signal conditioner; the model 4999 16-channel low-pass filter signal conditioner; the model 6634C vibration amplifier; and the model 4990a (Oasis) modular rack-mounted signal conditioner.

Meggitt Sensing Systems
Info RS#: 446

Monitoring system now available with 3G

Semaphore, a CSE Global company, announces that the T-BOX LT and MS RTU product lines for remote monitoring and SCADA system applications are now available with 3G cellular modems.

The new modems are compatible with GSM quad band and UMTS triple band, 3G cellular networks, worldwide. Two versions are distinguished by UMTS compatibility. The U.S. version supports Band V (850 MHz) while an EU version supports Band VIII (900 MHz).

T-BOX LT is a very compact Ethernet RTU with up to 32 I/O points. T-BOX MS is a modular system that can accommodate up to 20 communications ports and over 800 I/O points.

T-BOX employs an innovative, decentralized architecture that enables the complete integration of programmable automation, alarm management, data logging and IP telemetry in a single, rugged package. Simple yet powerful platforms leverage web technologies and push messaging via e-mail, SMS text and FTP. T-BOX systems are easy to configure and offer dramatically reduced costs versus traditional PLC and SCADA architectures.

Info RS#: 447

Multi-cage mill

Multi-cage mill

The Stedman “H” Series Multi-Cage Mill is available in 2-4 or 6-row design and in four sizes up to 250 TPH. The design features also include Air Cannons, Heaters, and Hydraulic Ram.

The Air Cannons are mounted at the intake and discharge to help prevent build-up of wet sticky material, while the heaters are also installed on the grinder housing to retard buildup of wet material. The Hydraulic Ram eliminated the gear head motor and rack & pinion that were used on other Stedman cage mills, now costing less to maintain.

The cage mill is a selective crushing, controlled-impact, multi-cage mill designed for sizing minerals and agglomerates, whole grains, chemical, ores and many other materials. Process wet and sticky materials as well as dry materials into a carefully controlled uniform particle size. Also, available in stainless steel construction. Testing facilities available for proof before purchase.

Info RS#: 448

Partial discharge measurement system

Prysmian Group, a maker of energy and telecom cables and systems, launched technology for measuring partial discharges in electrical cables, accessories and equipment.

The new wireless technology-based system allows partial discharge measurements to be made without any contact, meaning that the electrical system does not have to be switched off, thus making the testing process significantly faster.

PD measurements for both high and medium voltage networks can now be performed on a continuous basis at substations, wind or solar farms, etc.

Prysmian Group
Info RS#: 449

Pinch and knife gate valves

Flowrox high performance pinch valves and heavy duty knife gate valves are being used at hundreds of coal-fired power plants. In many cases, the pinch valves and knife gates can be utilized in similar applications. Pinch valves have the advantage of straight through flow and are void of any areas for pockets or cavities for slurry or material accumulation that makes many valves become inoperable.

Flowrox knife gate valves as standard are equipped with flushing ports, lock out pins and protective covers on moving stems. Flowrox pinch valves have performed extremely well in FGD scrubbers, bottom ash, feedwater and fly ash applications.

Info RS#: 450

Pressure temperature sensor

A merican Sensor Technologies (AST) introduces an innovative pressure/temperature sensor and pressure/temperature transmitter that provide both pressure and temperature outputs from a single process point. This dual output configuration reduces process penetration points and leaks that are important considerations in critical systems such as hydrogen, oxygen, hydraulics and analyzers.

In addition to saving money by performing the task of two units, the Model AST20PT Stainless Steel Media Isolated Pressure/Temperature Sensor and Model AST46PT Explosionproof Pressure/Temperature Transmitter also are ideal for low-power systems as both a pressure and temperature reading are generated with the power consumption of one sensor.

Incorporating a microprocessor-controlled design, along with AST’s proven one-piece body construction, both the Model AST20PT Sensor and Model AST46PT Transmitter offer high accuracy pressure and temperature measurements of +/-0.1 percent and 1 percent BFSL, respectively. Both units are available in various temperature ranges from -40° to 250°F (-40° to 125°C). While the Model AST46PT is offered in pressure ranges up to up to 20,000 PSI (1,400 Bar), the Model AST20PT is available in pressure ranges up to 45,000 PSI (3,100 Bar).

Info RS#: 451

Raptor shield

Raptor shield

Hendrix Molded Products introduces the new HRS-67 Raptor Shield, a lightweight, simple, and inexpensive way to protect wildlife from live line contact, as well as reduce power outages. The new HRS-67 helps utilities implement their Avian Protection Plan, and complies with the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Golden & Bald Eagle Protection Act, as well as the Endangered Species Act.

The HRS-67 Raptor Shield can be installed on pin type insulators rated up to 35KV, and on conductors ranging from #6 thru 795 ACSR. It is equipped with internal clips to support and provide stability when the shield is mounted over porcelain or polyethylene ANSI class pin insulators and can withstand wind speeds up to 150mph. The shield is also designed with retainer pins for added security and uplift drafts.

The HRS-67 is designed to be installed easily without de-energizing any live lines, allowing installation on energized power lines up to 35KV with live line rubber gloves or hotsticks. The material is flexible enough to accommodate line angles up to 20 degrees. Manufactured in the USA using a proprietary, gray, ultraviolet and track resistant, flexible, high temperature Plastisol, the HRS-67 provides superior performance and long life in extreme outdoor environments.

Hendrix Molded Products
Info RS#: 452

Sealed eyewear lens tints

Honeywell Safety Products has added two new lens tints to its popular Uvex Seismic Sealed Eyewear line. The Uvex Seismic is designed for dirty, high-particulate work areas. The addition of Uvex proprietary Spectrum Control Technology (SCT) tints in SCT-Gray and SCT-Low IR make this eyewear even more versatile.

Uvex Spectrum Control Technology incorporates unique dyes and tints that absorb select wavelengths of light into the polycarbonate lens to reduce spectral hazards or to provide distinctive filtration for specific viewing tasks. The combined protection and visual clarity provided by SCT lenses improves worker productivity and supports a workplace culture of safety.

Uvex Seismic eyewear featuring the SCT-Gray lens tint reduces solar glare while allowing true color perception. Special dyes make this lens a good choice for utility workers exposed to short-term electric arcs, where harmful levels of ultraviolet, infrared and blue light are present.

Honeywell Safety Products
Info RS#: 453

Differential pressure transducer

Differential pressure transducer

Setra Systems Inc., a global designer and manufacturer of pressure measurement instrumentation for industrial, test & measurement, semiconductor, energy and environmental, has introduced the Multi-Sense 231RS, the industry’s first multi-configurable wet-to-wet differential pressure transducer with remote sensors.

The Setra Systems Multi-Sense Model 231RS is available in conduit and cable version. It offers four unidirectional and bi-directional switch selectable pressure ranges. Each unit also features field-selectable output choices of true 4-20 mA, 0 to 5, 1 to 5, and 0 to 10 VDC, as well as push-button zero and remote zero capabilities and a jumper-selectable port swap. Units are both CE marked and RoHS compliant, and feature an all-cast aluminum construction with NEMA4 rated housings. An optional LCD is also available for greater readability of measured values.

Setra Systems Inc.
Info RS#: 454

Compact inverter

Compact inverter

Siemens Industry released the Sinamics G120C, a compact inverter designed for various industrial applications such as pumps, compressors and fans, as well as mixers, extruders, conveyor belts and materials handling machines. With a rated power range of 0.75 to 25 hp (0.55 to 18.5 kW), the Sinamics G120C sets new standards in the industry with its compact dimensions, fast commissioning times, simple operation, ease-of-servicing and highly-integrated functionality.

An optional operator panel may be mounted to the inverter for commissioning. A port for inserting a memory card is also available for faster inverter commissioning. It can be configured using a PC, via USB interface, as well. Standard protective coatings on the PC boards make the unit extremely robust in hostile or corrosive environments. The new Sinamics G120C is designed for ambient temperatures of up to 140ºF (60ºC). The Sinamics G120C supports Profibus for network communications.

Siemens Industry
Info RS#: 455

Solar inverter

Solar inverter

Siemens Industry, Inc. further strengthens its portfolio of solar inverters with the introduction of its new Sinvert PVM UL inverter, designed for peak efficiency and maximum plant yields to convert solar energy into grid-compliant AC voltage for infeed into conventional power supply networks. The Sinvert PVM UL inverters are available in the range from 12 kW to 24 kW for small to medium sized plants in the commercial market, and are capable of delivering over 98 percent peak efficiency.

With PVM12 UL / PVM16 UL / PVM20 UL and PVM24 UL models, the Sinvert PVM UL inverters are well-suited for various applications, including commercial office buildings, public spaces, such as schools and municipal buildings, roofs of industrial buildings or ground-mounted plants. Capable of outputs for PV plants up to the megawatt range, these PVM UL inverters provide a high degree of economic efficiency over the entire life cycle of a grid-connected PV system.

Siemens three-phase Sinvert PVM UL inverters are compliant with IEC, UL and NFPA standards, and feature power outputs of 10, 13 and 17 kW for the IEC versions, and 12, 16, 20 and 24 kW for the UL versions. The Sinvert PVM UL models have an integrated combiner box with a lockable DC disconnect and string fuses. Two interfaces are available, including Ethernet and RS485. A convenient illuminated graphics display shows current infeed power data and other key inverter information.

Siemens Industry Inc.
Info RS#: 456

Solar panel system with boiler

Soterna S. Coop. has developed the first solar panel system with an integrated thermal boiler for quick installation and reduced cost. The thermal boiler is made of Radel polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) resin from Solvay Specialty Polymers USA LLC, which provides long-term hoop stress resistance along with resistance to prolonged exposure to hot chlorinated water.

The 80 kg (176.5-lb) thermal complete system – measuring 2029 mm by 1020 mm by 240 mm (80 in. by 40 in by 9.5 in.) – withstands high pressure 600 kPa (6 bar) and hot 95°C (203°F) chlorinated water. It consists of two extruded profiles with injection molded end caps which are welded onto the profiles. The profiles are connected to each other and hold a total of 150 liters (40 gallons) of water.

Soterna S. Coop
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Belt drive brochure

Belt drive brochure

TB Wood’s Engineering Drive Belt Group has released its brochure highlighting its belt drive support.

Engineering support activities include evaluation of customer applications to determine if standard or made-to-order components can be applied, review of customer component drawings for manufacturability, confirmation of design adherence to industry standards like MPTA, ARPM and ISO.

TB Wood’s engineers can also provide drive selection assistance by recommending the appropriate product family and the specific drive components for each customer application. A drive detail report is generated which includes performance ratings, installation parameters and a part list.

TB Wood
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Thermal insulation and coating

Nanotech Inc. designed Nansulate Energy Protect clear thermal insulation and mold resistance coating. It is designed to insulate and reduce energy use in an easy to apply, environmentally friendly liquid coating.

It can be used over surfaces without changing their look and can also be painted over with another water-based paint. On windows, the coating allows through approximately 92 percent of visible light and frosts windows for security. Insulates surfaces while also protecting them from mold growth, moisture, and UV light. Indoor or outdoor use. Perfect retrofit insulation for older buildings and solid wall construction.

Nanotech Inc.
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Thermally protected varistor

Thermally protected varistor

Master Distributors, a leading source for electronic components, has joined with World Products LLC to offer an off-the-shelf solution for rapidly emerging Thermally Protected Varistor technology. Thermally Protected Varistor technology is quickly becoming the preferred overvoltage component technology of design engineers to enhance product performance and meet increasing agency approval requirements.

The World Products, LLC TVZ series is officially recognized to UL/CUL 1449 3rd Edition requirements and is RoHS certified. It also offers additional design opportunities to customers including disk size ranges from 14mm to 34 mm, round and square types, and operates up to 750 VAC. TVZ is offered in both two and three leaded types with three leaded types offering diagnostic options.

Master Distriibutors
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Meggitt Sensing Systems has added the Endevco model 8530C series, offered in 15, 50 and 100 psia ranges and with corresponding high resonance frequencies of 180 kHz (15 psia), 320 kHz (50 psia) and 500 kHz (100 psia).

The Endevco model 8530C series offers 225 mV full-scale output and a non-linearity specification of less than 1 percent at 3x over-range. Transducers are rugged to 20,000 g shock and offer an industry best-in-class minimum 4X burst pressure, with non-repeatability and pressure hysteresis errors of less than 0.50 percent FSO for all ranges, making it the most accurate series of its kind.

The Endevco model 8530C series features an active four-arm strain gage (gauge) bridge, diffused into a sculpted silicon diaphragm, for maximum sensitivity and wideband frequency response within a compact (3.86 mm dia.) and lightweight (2.3 grams) package. The volume behind the diaphragm is both evacuated and glass sealed to provide absolute reference. The transducers also feature integral temperature compensation for stable performance over a range of -18 to +93°C (0° to +200°F). Units are supplied with integral cable and include electrostatic discharge (ESD) packaging as standard. Custom cable lengths are available upon request. A 10-32 UNF-2A mounting thread is also standard, with an optional integral four-pin connector (M37).

The unique design and performance characteristics of this series are ideal for the testing of wind turbines; hydraulic and pneumatic systems pressures.

Meggitt Sensing Systems
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