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Nuclear power plant experienced “greater-than-green” safety violation

FirstEnergy Corp. (NYSE: FE) confirmed that a security-related violation happened at the Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Plant in Pennsylvania, but would not go into specifics about what the violation was, according to the Beaver County (Pa.) Times.

Neither FirstEnergy nor the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission would say if there were more than one violation or what happened, saying they do not provide that information that could assist those “interested in attacking or sabotaging a U.S. nuclear power plant,” a FirstEnergy spokesman was quoted as saying in the article.

Another official with FirstEnergy said in the article that a plant worker identified the problem during a July 13 inspection and it was immediately fixed.

The NRC said in an August report that it found one violation considered “greater-than-green,” meaning it was more significant that a low-security violation, the article said.

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