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Nuclear power plant enters scheduled outage

FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co. (FENOC), a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp. (NYSE: FE), on Sept. 24 said Unit 2 at its two-unit, 1,800 MW Beaver Valley Power Station in Shippingport, Pa., has been shut down for scheduled refueling, maintenance and a turbine upgrade.

While the unit is offline, 65 of the 157 fuel assemblies will be replaced and inspections of the unit’s reactor vessel head, turbine and electrical generator will be conducted.  Preventative maintenance will be performed on major components including pumps, valves and the cooling tower.

During the outage, Unit 2’s two low pressure turbines will be replaced.  The new, 153-ton turbine rotors feature an enhanced blade design that is expected to improve plant safety, reliability and efficiency, according to FENOC.

The 904 MW Beaver Valley Unit 2 operated for 532 consecutive days and generated more than 12 million MWh of electricity since the completion of its last refueling in April 2011.

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