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More than 200 coal-fired power units to close in 25 states, ACCCE analysis finds

A new analysis released Sept. 18 by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) found that 204 coal-fired units nationally could be closed due, in part, to regulations issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The units are spread across 25 states and represent 31,000 MW of electric generating capacity.

According to the analysis, the states with the most coal-electric generating capacity prematurely closing are Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. These five states combined have 103 coal units scheduled to shut down, representing almost 18,000 MW. Other hard hit states include Indiana, Colorado and Iowa.

ACCCE said 30 units in Ohio are scheduled to be shut down, representing more than 6,600 MW of electric generating capacity. Another 22 units accounting for 3,500 MW in Pennsylvania could be closed, as well as 16 units that generate 2,500 MW in Virginia.

So far, ACCCE said, the total number of retirements nationwide is triple the amount of retirements that the EPA had predicted would be caused by its regulations.

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