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Entergy begins transfer of spent fuel at New York nuclear power plant

Workers at Entergy (NYSE: ETR)’s two-unit, 2,000 MW Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan, N.Y.,  started transferring spent fuel from Unit 3’s spent fuel pool to dry-cask storage on Sept. 16. Entergy said these will be the first spent fuel assemblies removed from the Unit 3 pool since the plant first produced power in 1975.

Entergy began moving spent fuel from Unit 2’s spent fuel pool to dry cask storage in 2007. There are 448 assemblies from Unit 2 and 160 assemblies from Unit 1, which was shut down in 1974, currently stored in 19 casks on the storage pad on site. The storage pad has been operating since 2007.

Workers anticipate moving 192 spent fuel assemblies from the Unit 3 pool to the Unit 2 pool and 96 assemblies to dry cask storage over the next several months.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the fuel transfer in July.

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