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Nuclear power plant refueling outage underway in Illinois

Exelon Corp. (NYSE: EXC) said the Byron Generating Station’s refueling outage began Sept. 10. Workers at the two-unit, 2,300 MW nuclear power plant in Ogle County, Ill., will refuel the Unit 1 reactor, perform maintenance on many turbine-related pieces of equipment, and refurbish one of the cooling tower’s interior structure.

Exelon said more than 2,200 additional workers have descended on the region to assist in the refueling outage, hundreds more than in past outages.

“This is our biggest outage in more than a decade and we’re glad so many people will be able to come to the site and work,” said Byron Station Vice President Tim Tulon.

In addition to replacing about one-third of the reactor’s fuel, workers will perform approximately 14,000 inspections and maintenance activities on a variety of plant components and systems.

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