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NRC sends personnel to nuclear power plants in path of Tropical Storm Isaac

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has dispatched additional personnel to two nuclear plants in Louisiana in response to the expected landfall of Tropical Storm Isaac.

The single-unit, 1,159 MW Waterford plant is about 20 miles west of New Orleans and the single-unit, 974 MW River Bend plant is about 25 miles northwest of Baton Rouge, La. Both plants are owned by Entergy Nuclear (NYSE: ETR).

The NRC dispatched four inspectors from Regions II and IV to assist the resident inspectors at both sites. The NRC staff will remain at the plant during the coming days to monitor the licensee’s activities and ensure safe plant operations.

The inspectors arrived on August 27 and observed plant personnel in the process of implementing severe weather procedures and conducting plant walk-downs to ensure that all loose debris and equipment was removed or secured. Plant personnel also tested the emergency diesel generators and filled fuel and water tanks at the sites.

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