Reactors, Waste Management & Decommissioning

Westinghouse to jointly decommission nuclear power plants in Europe

Westinghouse Electric Co. signed a teaming agreement with Studsvik AB to offer a full range of decommissioning services for nuclear power plants in Europe under the name Nuclear Decommissioning Consortium by Studsvik and Westinghouse, or ndcon.

Services will include dismantling, decontamination and waste handling, initially in Germany and Sweden. Officials in Germany plan to phase out 17 nuclear reactors in the country by 2022. Eight were shut down in March 2011. Many of the other units in Europe were commissioned 50 years ago and are reaching the end of their designed operating life.

Westinghouse supplies decommissioning and dismantling (D&D) and waste management (WM) services for gas and sodium cooled reactors, as well as pressurized and boiling water reactors.  Currently providing solutions for spent fuel services, the treatment and handling of radioactive waste, and the interim storage and final disposal of low-, intermediate- and high-level waste, Westinghouse is also investing in D&D and WM innovation programs to address future market needs.

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