U.S. gas reserves increase 12 percent

Natural gas reserves in the U.S. increased 12 percent in 2010, the largest spike ever recorded, according to the Energy Information Administration.

The U.S. added 33.8 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of gas to its reserves in 2010, up from 28.8 Tcf in 2009.

It was the first year that total reserves surpassed 300 Tcf. Proven gas reserves increased 12 percent in 2010 to 317 Tcf.

Four of the five largest natural gas states (Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Colorado) registered net gains, with Louisiana and Texas adding a combined 17.8 Tcf, over one-half of the overall national increase. The report from the EIA attributed the increase to the expanded use of hydraulic fracturing in the production of natural gas from shale formations.

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