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NRC issues safety evaluation on Davis-Besse nuclear power plant

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff has issued its Safety Evaluation Report (SER) with Open Items for the license renewal application for the 908 MW Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in Oak Harbor, Ohio.

The four open items are: management of shield building cracks during the period of extended operation, operating experience review prior to entering the period of extended operation, time-limited aging analysis of reactor vessel neutron embrittlement and pressure-temperature limits.

The results show that plant owner FirstEnergy Nuclear Operation Co. (FENOC) has identified actions that have been or will be taken to manage the affects of aging in the appropriate systems, structures and components of the plant, and that their functions will be maintained during the period of extended operation.

FENOC submitted an application to the NRC in August 2010 to extend the operating license by 20 years. The current 40-year operating license is due to expire on April 22, 2017.

After FENOC provides satisfactory information to resolve the four open items, the NRC staff will present its final conclusions on the application in an update to this SER. The staff expects to issue that update in October.

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