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Confirmatory Action Letter issued to nuclear power plant in Michigan

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said it has issued a Confirmatory Action Letter (CAL) documenting actions that the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant in Covert, Mich., has agreed to take in order to provide assurance that an apparent leak in the safety injection refueling water storage tank and a potential leak in the control room do not affect public health and safety.

The single-unit, 811 MW plant is owned by Entergy Nuclear Operations, a unit of Entergy Corp. (NYSE: ETR).

Some of the Entergy commitments to the NRC include the measure and trend daily leakage from the tank; declare the tank inoperable if the leakage reaches 38 gallons per day; if the tank is actively leaking, take actions to repair the tank in accordance with applicable safety standards; continue to inspect the concrete support structure above the control room, control room hallway and control room ceiling; and correct the condition related to water seepage through the concrete support structure into the control room prior to the restart from the 2013 refueling outage.

The NRC said it will review and evaluate the plant’s actions in response to the CAL in order to make sure they are thorough and complete.

The plant shut down the reactor on June 12 due to a leak in the tank. Entergy returned the plant to service July 11 after completing repairs to the plant’s refueling water storage tank.

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