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Illinois EPA to reconsider permit for Taylorville Energy Center

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency says it will reconsider an air pollution permit it previously granted to Tenaska Inc. for a coal-to-gas plant proposed near Springfield.

The 716 MW Taylorville Energy Center (TEC) is expected to emit 1/40th the level of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides of an average U.S. coal-fired power plant when complete.

As IEPA was considering public comments on the TEC permit, the U.S. EPA proposed the New Source Performance Standards for Greenhouse Gas Emissions for new power plants on March 27. With certain exceptions, the proposed standards would limit carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from any new fossil-fueled power plant to 1,000 lbs. per megawatt hour. This final air permit for TEC includes a power block CO2 emissions limit of 827 lbs/MWh (gross). The permit does not, however, require the plant to capture and sequester its carbon dioxide emissions underground.

Following the granting of the air pollution permit in April, U.S. EPA and environmental groups received concerns regarding the construction of the plant. In turn, the agency has said it will take a second look at its decision to license the plant without requiring that its CO2 emissions be captured and sequestered underground, the agency said in a filing on July 10 with the U.S. EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board, according to The Chicago Tribune.

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