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Candu Energy, UK officials team to use MOX nuclear fuel

Candu Energy Inc. has teamed with the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to assist in alternative full lifecycle approaches for managing that country’s fissile material stocks. The UK’s preferred method is to re-use the material as mixed oxide (MOX) fuel.

The study will end in 2012 on the commercial feasibility of building 700 MWe Generation III Enhanced Candu 6 (EC6) reactors in the UK, burning MOX fuel and producing power together with constructing the associated infrastructure and facilities needed to manufacture CANDU MOX fuel. The EC6 is a heavy-water moderated and heavy-water cooled pressure tube reactor based on the CANDU 6 reactor.

CANDU reactors have the ability to run 100 percent MOX fuel with no loss in electricity production. MOX fuel has also been recycled in AECL’s Chalk River reactor in Canada and has used spent fuels from other technologies in the Qinshan reactor in China.

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