New Projects

CHP system to be built at New Jersey university

Montclair State University and Energenic-US LLC announced a $90 million public-private construction project to develop a 5.4 MW combined heating, cooling, and power (CHCP) system for the Montclair State campus in New Jersey.

The CHCP project will be developed by Energenic-US LLC, a partnership between DCO Energy LLC and Marina Energy LLC, which is a subsidiary of South Jersey Industries (NYSE: SJI). The scope of the project includes the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the plant on property leased from the University for a term of 30 years, under a state approved public-private partnership arrangement. The 18-month construction project is expected to employ approximately 400 workers.

The partnership will enable the school to replace its current heating and cooling system without construction funding being required of either the university or the state. The new facility and its related infrastructure improvements will replace the campus’ existing energy plant, which began generating steam in the 1940s and providing electricity as a co-generation plant in 1993.

The plant will provide natural gas-fired electricity, chilled water, and steam for heat. The steam, condensate, and chilled water will be delivered to and returned from campus buildings via the new energy distribution system.

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