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Areva qualifies safety seal system for nuclear power plants

Areva JSPM, a subsidiary of Areva, said it has successfully qualified a new hydrodynamic shaft seal system (HD seal) that can withstand station blackout (SBO) conditions for a period of 120 hours.

Areva said the new seal has an extended service life expected to reach a minimum of 10 years, spacing out the interval between inspections, and requires minimal maintenance.

As a key element of the reactor coolant pump (RCP), which circulates the primary coolant between the core and the steam generator, Areva said the shaft seal system ensures the leak-tightness of the primary circuit.

Part of Areva’s Safety Alliance program, developed to help utilities demonstrate and upgrade the safety of their nuclear plant fleets, the new HD seal system has been designed to be installed in existing RCPs as a replacement for the current hydrostatic seals, as well as in third-generation RCPs for new nuclear power plants. It is suitable for both installed base and new-build markets.

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