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Cost estimates for nuclear power plant decommissioning approved

The Missouri Public Service Commission approved an agreement between the commission’s staff and Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) on cost estimates to decommission the 1,200 MW Wolf Creek nuclear power plant 55 miles south of Topeka in Kansas. A spokesperson for KCP&L said the utility plans to decommission the plant after its license expires in 2045.

KCP&L said in its application that the current annual funding level of $1.28 million is adequate to meet the cost of decommissioning the plant and that its current annual contribution amount should not be changed at this time. KCP&L’s 2011 cost estimate for decommissioning the plant is approximately $630.1 million. The agreement approved by the Commission finds that KCP&L shall continue its Missouri current annual funding level of approximately $1.28 million and therefore current electric rates for KCP&L customers should not be changed.

KCP&L filed an application with the commission in August 2011 in compliance with commission rules and regulations that require review of the trust fund accruals and the projected costs of decommissioning every three years.

Operating since 1985, the Wolf Creek plant is owned by KCP&L (47 percent), Kansas Gas and Electric (47 percent), and Kansas Electric Power Cooperative (6 percent). Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corp., a subsidiary of the three owners, operates the plant.

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