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Biomass energy hybrid technology awarded patent

NTE Energy was issued a patent by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for its biomass hybrid technology on April 24.

The technology is designed to integrate biomass and conventional steam electric generating technologies into a single hybrid renewable energy power plant by allowing simultaneous operation of a biomass energy cycle along with a traditional plant. NTE Energy plans to use the technology in the development, construction and operation of new hybrid renewable energy power plants throughout the U.S., including projects under development in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. As an alternative, NTE will license the technology to other parties, including independently owned hybrid renewable energy projects.

The addition of hybrid technology to an existing generation facility provides capital cost savings over stand-alone biomass facilities through the use of a shared steam turbine and other common major equipment and systems.  The technology can be integrated into the design of new combined-cycle plants or retrofit onto almost any existing power plant that has excess steam turbine capacity including those combined-cycle plants using duct burners.

The patent was awarded to technology developed by Tri-Mont Engineering.

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