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Coal-fired power plant may be converted to natural gas

The 745 MW Salem Harbor Power Station in Massachusetts could soon be converted into a natural gas-fired power plant, according to The Boston Globe.

Dominion is currently in talks with Footprint Power about selling the site and converting it to a natural gas-fired plant. As part of a Feb. 6 federal court settlement, any future owners of the site cannot use coal as fuel.

The plant consists of three coal-fired units and one oil-fired unit. Units 1 and 2 were shut down December 31, 2011, while the remaining units will be shut down by June 2014. Plant owner Dominion (NYSE: D) had already decided to close the plant by then, but a federal lawsuit filed by environmental groups led to the settlement agreement. However, the plant is currently needed to keep stability on the ISO New England power grid.

The Salem Harbor plant first opened in 1951.

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