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Issue 1 and Volume 116.

Kistler, a supplier of precision sensors, systems and instrumentation for the dynamic measurement of pressure, force, torque and acceleration, has introduced the USB-based Type 2825A DynoWare universal data acquisition and analysis software, designed for direct compatibility with Kistler stationary and rotary measuring systems, including single- and multi-component dynamometers and other force sensors.

The operation of Kistler Type 2825A DynoWare is made to allow full configuration and control of up to 28 force measurement channels via USB, RS-232C or IEEE-488. For signal analysis, DynoWare offers real-time visualization of measured curves, along with evaluation and calculation functions. DynoWare supports several A/D cards (PCI/PCMCIA) as well as the USB 2.0 function of the Kistler Type 5697A force charge amplifier. It is ideal for the acquisition and evaluation of cutting forces, reaction forces, crash impacts, or other types of physical force measurements.

Info RS#: 400

Wire to Board Connectors: 3.00mm Pitch

Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc (ASI) has expanded to include a line of wire to board connectors. The MicroPower line offers 3.00mm wire to board configurations for low- to mid-range power distribution.

Available in single and double row versions with SMT or pin through hole processing. Polarized housings to prevent mismatching for 2 to 24 circuits. A locking feature is available for securing the connectors to the PCB board. The MicroPower line is an equivalent to the Molex Micro-Fit 3.0.

Automation Systems Interconnect
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Info RS#: 401

Industrial battery chargers

Ametex Prestolite Power introduces the Eclipse II Series high-frequency industrial battery chargers.

The Eclipse II Series is made with IGBT high-frequency power conversion circuitry. It is made to convert AC power to usable DC power with a 0.95 power factor.

The EC2000 control includes four bright LEDs that provide charge status and includes a monitoring system that allows it to provide optimum charge with minimal temperature rise and to complete the charging cycle at the proper current regardless of battery age, type or electrolyte temperature.

Ametex Prestolite Power
Info RS#: 402

Circuit protectors

WAGO Corporation’s Epsitron 787 Series pro power supplies have gained nine single phase units. The pro single phase units feature Powerboost and Topboost functions. WAGO’s two-Stage Powerboost accommodates high inrush loads to eliminate oversized switch mode power supplies. The product also features an operating efficiency of up to 92 percent and an energy-saving mode — deactivate output when not required via remote control.

Topboost accommodates circuit breakers for individual load circuit protection by providing 50msec of additional output at three to six times the rated current (varies per model).

Info. RS # 403

Hand Help Vibration Meter

Columbia Research Laboratories has introduced the Model VM-300 vibration meter, a general purpose vibration measuring instrument designed for periodic routine checks of industrial equipment where portability and ease of use are required. Acceleration, velocity, and displacement measurement modes are provided, along with a number of value enhancing features.

Dual power allows the VM-300 to be powered from its internal battery in the field or from an external AC adapter to save battery life in bench applications. A precision low-voltage lockout circuit prevents the VM-300 Meter from making erroneous readings due to low battery. An automatic 10 minute timeout during battery operation will not allow the meter to drain the battery while unattended. An optional printer can be connected to the VM-300 Meter for permanently recording measurements.

Columbia Research Laboratories
For info. RS#: 404

Lightweight PV Mounting System

Conergy introduces its SolarFamulus Air, which was designed to reduce the ballast requirement for the entire array and eliminate or reduce the need for roof penetrations. The system is made for weight-limited flat roofs.

The system is designed with venting windows that allow wind to cool the back of the modules and is made like a car spoiler.

Info RS#: 405

Mounting System Portfolio

Conergy is now offering a full portfolio of mounting systems for the North American market.

The mounting portfolio includes SunTop IV and the North American preview of SunTop Trapez for pitched roof; SunTop tilt units for flat roofs and a new solution for weight-limited flat roofs; Solar Giant, a ballasted ground-mount solution and SolarLinea, a driven pile mounting system for free field.

The portfolio is delivered with pre-assembled parts and pre-fabricated components.

Info RS#: 406

Current conductors

Douglas Electrical Components introduces the StudSeal hermetic feedthrough product family, which offers a selection of solid copper, heavy-current conductors sealed in a variety of standard housing styles and materials. The stud connectors from this line are used in vacuum or pressure applications where high current or high voltages penetrate a barrier.

StudSeal feedthroughs can seal high-pressure or high-vacuum environments, and are compatible with a variety of liquids and gases. These hermetically sealed studs are primarily used for the transfer of power into and out of a sealed environment at operational loads up to 1000amps and 15kV.

Douglas Electrical Components
Info. RS # 407

Industrial timer

Marsh Bellofram Corp. introduced the 405AR series, an economical industrial timer family designed with on-delay instantaneous relay functionality, designed for a variety of daily-use OEM and control package timing applications.

The 405AR series features twelve individual timing ranges within a single unit, packaged within a highly compact 8-pin 48mm2 standard DIN housing, which can be watertight when panel mounted with an 8-pin round (octal) socket.

The timer operates from an industry standard 24-240 VAC or 24 VDC power supply, and features a large and easy-to-read display dial with decimal points and 10A DPDT output contacts. A special LED indicator provides a unique and effective flashing method of cycle progress indication. Units may be effectively used as drop-in replacements for most 8-pin on-delay and interval timing applications.

Marsh Bellofram Corp.
Info RS#: 408

LED Area Light

Dialight has unveiled its new DuroSite LED Area Light, the newest addition to its line-up of LED industrial lighting solutions.

The DuroSite LED Area Light delivers 79 lumens per Watt to effectively replace up to a 250W HID unit slashing energy consumption by nearly 70 percent.

Available in either 180-degree forward throw or 360-degree circular optical pattern, the LED Area Light is ideal for interior or exterior general area illumination and task lighting for industrial applications. Flexible mounting options include direct conduit, stanchion and wall mount, as well as a swing bracket wall mount that allows for precise light placement directly where it is needed most.

For info. RS # 409

Tank Side Coalescer

The Eriez Hydroflow Tank Side Coalescer is designed to sit behind a metalworking shop’s machining center and skim free-floating tramp oil out of the machine coolant. With a flow rate of 1.5 GPM, this small, inexpensive sump-side coalescing unit allows oils to rise naturally by providing a motionless area not available in a turbulent sump.

The submersible pump sits inside the coolant tank drawing coolant into the 15-gallon drum. The adjustable skimmer removes any tramp oil off the top layer of coolant. Through a gravity hose, the clean coolant is returned to the machining center sump.

For info. RS # 410

Dust Collector Diagnostics

FilterSense’s B-PAC series of baghouse performance analyzers and controllers feature a combination of features to help dust collector operators reducing operating costs, improving the process and meet EPA or OSHA compliance simultaneously.

The controllers tightly integrate control, sensing and signal analysis to provide time and money saving diagnostics including the ability to detect/locate filter leaks weeks before emissions are visible; the ability to detect/locate failed pulse solenoids that can lead to plugged filters; and the ability to instantly detect/locate ruptured or frozen pulse-jet diaphragms where one undetected rupture can cost $1K of compressed air in one week.

For info. RS # 411

Data acquisition hardware platform

VibRunner is a solution-oriented data acquisition hardware platform from m+p international. It is designed for dynamic measurement and shaker control applications where numbers of channels and high data throughput are vital for accurate and efficient testing.

VibRunner is designed for projects such as engine test cells where high data throughput is important, large structures where distributed inputs reduce sensor cabling, large channel count requirements such as sensitive satellite pre-flight testing, or just where a wide range of testing needs demands the ultimate flexibility in test system configuration. The product is designed to be used with m+p’s proven VibControl, SO Analyzer and Coda software solutions.

The 19″ mainframe houses up to 3 front-mounted modules and can be used standalone or rack mounted. With DC and AC inputs to the power supply and a high- quality silent fan which can be switched off at the host PC for sensitive measurements, VibRunner is equipped for all test installation requirements.

Info. RS # 412

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