MISO’s Transmission Expansion Plan approved

The Board of Directors for the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO) unanimously approved MISO’s Transmission Expansion Plan 2011 (MTEP11) on Dec. 8. MTEP11 is a comprehensive long-term regional plan for the electric grid expected to bring more than $2 billion in annual benefits.

MTEP recommends 215 new transmission infrastructure projects, including 16 Multi-Value Projects (MVPs). Together, with the previously approved MVP, they will create between $15.5 and $49.2 billion in net present value economic benefits over a 20 to 40-year timeframe. The approved projects will connect 2,700 MW of generation to the grid.

Through the use of a low-cost generation siting system developed in collaboration with MISO’s stakeholders, state regulatory officials and transmission owners, MVPs optimize portability for wind generation while minimizing distances from planned transmission to other fuel sources, assisting the region’s transition to new generation facilities. This in turn allows the states within the MISO region to meet renewable energy.

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