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Gas-fired power plant construction canceled in Ontario

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) said that it has reached an agreement with Greenfield South Power Corp. to stop construction at Greenfield’s planned 280 MW gas-fired, combined cycle power plant site in Mississauga, Ontario.

The OPA and Greenfield will continue to discuss details, including an agreement on facility relocation.

Ontario Minister of Energy Chris Bentley said in a statement that the government “made a specific commitment to residents in Mississauga and Etobicoke to relocate the gas generating plant” but is pleased with the progress. Bentley said the government had listened to concerns from residents, taking into consideration the changes in the area, including residential development since the plant was proposed.

“We heard from residents that our current process to locate gas plants needed to improve. As we move forward with our commitment to relocate this plant, we are reviewing the process of how future gas plants will be located in communities,” he said.

According to local media, in 2010 the government abandoned plans to build a 900 MW gas-fired power plant west of Toronto after residents complained that it would be too close to homes and schools.

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