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Coal-fired power plant must lower emissions in 3 years

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted a petition submitted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to limit sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions from GenOn’s 570 MW Portland coal-fired power plant in Pennsylvania.

EPA is giving the plant three years to cut SO2 emissions, with a portion of those cuts happening by the end of the first year. The Clean Air Act allows GenOn to use the most cost-effective method to meet those limits.

In a September 2010 petition, New Jersey asked EPA to find that emissions from the Portland power plant are impacting air quality in three counties and to require the facility to reduce its SO2 emissions.

The agency conducted air quality modeling analyses to evaluate SO2 levels in New Jersey. These analyses showed that the level of SO2 in the air exceeded the agency’s 1-hour national air quality standard and that monitoring data showed SO2 concentrations in Warren County, N.J. exceeded the level of the 1-hour SO2 standard.

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