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Nuclear power from Indian Point can be replaced if shut down

The governor of New York said the state can replace the power generated by the 2,065 MW Indian Point nuclear power plant if it were to shut down by 2015.

“We can retrofit old plants, we can site new plants, we can improve transmission lines,” Reuters quoted Governor Andrew Cuomo as saying. “So if we want to find replacement power, we can.”

Cuomo wants the plant closed when the licenses for the two reactors expires in 2013 and 2015, the article said. Entergy (NYSE: ETR), however, has asked the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to renew the operating licenses for another 20 years.  Both reactors are Westinghouse four-loop pressurized water reactors. Unit 2 has been in operations since 1973 and Unit 3 has been operating since 1975.

A report from Charles River Associates in August said that if the plant were to shut down, it would increase electricity prices, emissions and affect reliability. A separate report in 2006 said closing down the plant would be “feasible, but difficult” because of financial and regulatory hurdles.

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