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Nuclear power plant shut down after leak is discovered

A leak from a valve at the 778 MWe Palisades nuclear power plant in Michigan forced the plant to shut down September 16.

News reports say workers with parent company Entergy (NYSE: ETR) found the leak from the valve in the system that cools Unit 1 around 3 p.m. EDT. Workers were able to isolate the leak from the pressurizer spray valve.

Plant officials reportedly said the leak is not a danger to the public. Workers ended the Unusual Event at the plant around 8 p.m. EDT on September 16 but the reactor remains shut down according to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Web site.

The plant will remain out of service indefinitely until work and testing are complete.

The single-unit Palisades plant uses a Combustion Engineering pressurized water reactor that has been in operations since 1971.

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