Emergency light fixture

Issue 4 and Volume 4.

Birns Inc. has introduced a seismically qualified (per IEEE-344) emergency lighting solution for nuclear containment, the Birns Emergency Light Fixture-LED.

This slim-profiled, wall mounted system provides in excess of 24 hours of continuous LED light in the case of power loss in nuclear power facilities, and is capable of withstanding a major earthquake. It has a mirror finish, stainless steel construction that’s impervious to humidity, acids and other corrosives and is simple to clean. The Birns Emergency Light Fixture-LED is engineered in accordance with UL 924 (Emergency Lighting Equipment) and NFPA 70 (National Electrical Code) and goes through quality testing through Birns’ NRC 10CFR50, App. B-compliant Quality Assurance system.

Its LED light fixtures have 50,000 hour lamp lives, with a low 10W power draw.

BIRNS Inc. Info. Info RS#: 400

Butterfly valves

Asahi/America Inc. expanded its line of valves to include the Type 57IL Isolator Lug butterfly valve. It features a lug design where the 316 stainless steel lugs are inserted into the valve body during the injection molding process permanently combining the lugs and valve body into one unit.

The design is made to allow the removal of the downstream flange while maintaining full upstream line pressure. The valves are available in 3-inch to 8-inch lengths as lever-style, and 10-inches to 12-inches as gear-operator style. The valves feature a non-wetted, low profile valve stem, ISO 5211 top flange mounting pattern, full seat liner design and a molded padlock provision for lever handle models.

Asahi/America Inc. Info RS#: 401

Web-based emergency resource management

Specifically designed for electric utilities, Macrosoft’s Resources on-Demand is one of the only commercially available storm center automation solutions available to the marketplace. The Resources on-Demand tool manages resource requests, tracks personnel movements and supports lodging/logistics during a power restoration event. It is used extensively by both large and small utilities throughout North America and the result has been quicker restoration, cost savings and a streamlined approach to outage management.

The 4.0 version leaps beyond earlier versions by utilizing the enhanced Resources and Logistics Engine providing the ability to set up teams, sites, work locations, vendors, order placement, order tracking, team transportation, meals and lodging down to individual team members. The advance logistics module enables utilities executives to know which teams are assigned to which operation centers, where they are working, sleeping, eating, and what equipment they are using in a particular restoration event. Advanced dashboards provide high-level views on teams, lodging and logistics and enhanced reporting allow summaries to be printed and used in Control Centers.

Macrosoft Inc. For info Info RS#: 402

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