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Nuclear power plant restores off-site power

Dominion Virginia Power’s 1,800 MW North Anna Power Station has restored off-site power following an earthquake on August 23. The station remains in an alert status, the second lowest of the four emergency classifications set by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The station’s two pressurized water reactors shut down automatically following an earthquake near the station on August 23. No damage has been reported to systems required to maintain the station in a safe condition.

Four diesel generators supplied power to the station while the off-site power was unavailable. One of the four generators was taken off-line to repair a generator coolant leak, but a fifth generator was activated to replace it until the offsite power was restored. Repairs are complete to the diesel generator.

The earthquake was felt at the company’s other nuclear power station, the 1,598 MW Surry Power Station in southeast Virginia, but not as strongly.

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