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Nuclear power simulator nears commercial operation in China

L-3 Mapps said the Ling Ao Phase II nuclear power plant full scope simulator (FSS) was handed over to the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Co. on behalf of the Ling Dong Nuclear Power Co.

In cooperation with Areva and Siemens, L-3 Mapps delivered and installed the simulator in August 2009. Plant license operator examinations were successfully carried out on the simulator in January 2010 by China’s nuclear regulatory authority, the National Nuclear Safety Administration. Unit 1 of the Ling Ao Phase II complex entered commercial operation in September 2010. Unit 2 is planned to enter service in August 2011.

Integrated with Areva- and Siemens-supplied digital control systems (DCS), replica control room panels and a stimulated human-machine interface, the FSS features instructor station capabilities and a Windows-based graphical simulation environment. Advanced plant models have been deployed and validated for the reactor, thermal-hydraulic, balance of plant, electrical, and I&C for the turbine control and other miscellaneous systems not controlled by the Areva/Siemens DCSs. The safety system DCS is Areva’s Teleperm XS. The operational I&C DCS system is Siemens’ SPPA-T2000 with OM690 human-machine interface.

The Ling Ao Phase II nuclear plant, owned by Ling Dong Nuclear Power Co., comprises the first two CPR1000 generating units put into service. The CPR1000 is a Chinese design featuring a 1,080 MW three-loop pressurized water reactor, whose design is coordinated by CNPEC.

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