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Fermi 2 nuclear reactor to seek license extension

Detroit Edison, which owns and operates the 1,098 MW Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant in Michigan, told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission July 20 it intends to apply for renewal of Fermi 2’s operating license. The current license for the General Electric boiling water reactor expires in 2025; the renewal would permit the plant to operate an additional 20 years.

DTE Energy, whose Detroit Edison unit owns and operates the plant, will submit the Fermi 2 application in 2014. Until then, Fermi 2 will prepare for the application by conducting detailed engineering and environmental studies, evaluating plant systems and structures. The NRC then will review the application.

DTE Energy filed an application with the NRC in 2008 for a Combined Operating License for a new nuclear unit at the Fermi site. The company expects that license to be issued in late 2012. The reactor design selected is the 1,520 MWe GE-designed passive Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR).

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