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Coal-fired power plant cooling tower awarded to SPX Corp.

SPX Corp. (NYSE: SPW) said its Thermal Equipment and Services segment won a contract for $17 million from the China Datang Technologies & Engineering Co. to manufacture and install an indirect dry cooling tower (IDCT) system for the 600 MW DatangWu’an power plant.

The DatangWu’an facility is a 2×300 MW coal-fired power plant in the Hebei Province of eastern China. The two-unit IDCT system is expected to be operational early in 2012.

The indirect dry cooling tower system features SPX’s “Mega Delta” technology and uses a steam surface or jet condenser, a circulating water system and fin tube bundles to dissipate the waste heat using the natural draft created by the concrete cooling towers.

This agreement marks the fourth IDCT contract awarded to SPX Cooling Technologies in China in recent years.

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