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Natural gas-fired unit planned for Xcel Texas plant

Xcel Energy (NYSE: XEL) is seeking approval to build a fourth 168 MW unit at the 654 MW Jones natural gas-fired power plant in Texas for up to $117.6 million.

Xcel filed with the Public Utility Commission of Texas to amend its certificate of convenience and necessity for the plant in order to add a 168 MW capacity gas-fired turbine made by Siemens. If approved, the addition would will bring the plant’s generating capacity to 822 MW.

Jones Unit No. 4 will complement Jones No. 3, which entered service on June 30. Both units will be used for summer peaking power and are designed to be linked to a planned heat recovery steam generator that could power a fifth steam turbine.

The utility also had to file its request with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission since customers in New Mexico receive power from the plant.

Jones Unit 1 was completed in 1971 and Unit 2 in 1974. The new unit, if approved, is expected to be operational by 2013.

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