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TVA Lagoon Creek gas-fired power plant in service

The Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) newest power facility, the 550 MW Lagoon Creek Combined Cycle Plant, was dedicated by the utility on June 9.

Though the combined cycle natural gas-fired plant began operating last fall, the dedication officially marked Lagoon Creek’s status change from a development and construction project to a fully operational power plant.

The new plant augments the simple cycle combustion turbine built at the Lagoon Creek site 10 years ago. Both plants use combustion turbines to produce electricity.

The Lagoon Creek power plant is the first new power generation source constructed by TVA since the Kemper Combustion Turbine site near DeKalb, Miss., in 2002. TVA has natural gas plants at 10 other sites in its service region, including two other combined cycle plants, Caledonia and Southaven, both in Mississippi. A fourth combined cycle gas plant is under construction at TVA’s John Sevier site in Rogersville, Tenn.

The new facilities are part of TVA’s plans to add up to 2,000 MW of natural gas-fueled generation by 2020 to replace older coal-fired units.

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