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Limerick unit returns to service

Exelon Nuclear‘s Limerick Generating Station Unit 2 in Pennsylvania resumed producing electricity on April 24, 2011 after completing the unit’s refueling and maintenance outage. Both of Limerick’s units are GE boiling water reactors that together generate 2,345 MW.

While the unit was shutdown, employees and almost 1,900 supplemental workers replaced one-third of the reactor’s fuel and performed extensive inspections, tests, maintenance and modifications on a variety of components and equipment.

Exelon said the refueling outage included 13,000 activities that were performed to prepare the unit for safe and reliable operations through the next 24-month operating cycle and that one of the most significant projects completed was the replacement of the unit’s three main power transformers.

Limerick Unit 1 continued to generate electricity during the unit 2 refueling and maintenance outage.

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