Water Treatment

Max-Flow Annihilator Grinder System

Issue 4 and Volume 115.

The new Moyno Max-Flow Annihilator Grinder System is a custom engineered headworks debris handling system that protects downstream pumps, valves and process equipment in water treatment plants and their lift stations. The cost-effective, low maintenance Moyno Max-Flow Annihilator Grinder System can be used in place of bar rakes and screens as well as drum screen grinders for enhanced performance.

The Max-Flow system contains two or more Annihilator grinders mounted side-by-side in a stainless steel retrieval frame in the headworks of a waste treatment system. They can be installed in an in-line or a staggered or offset design to accommodate a variety of channel widths.

The frame is engineered-to-order and pre-fabricated. It includes guide rails to permit the independent retrieval of each grinder for easy maintenance. Steel panels can also be inserted in place of a grinder to divert the flow to the remaining grinders during maintenance, eliminating the need for costly diversion or by-pass channels. Stainless steel or FRP control panels can be installed to control the operation of each grinder independently using manual or automated control systems.

Moyno, Inc.
Info. http://www.moyno.com

Sirius Modular Industrial Controls

Siemens Industry, Inc. has introduced the next generation of its proven Sirius Modular System of power control products with the release of a new line called Sirius Innovations.

The Sirius Innovations line comes in sizes S00 (10 hp) and S0 (30 hp) and incorporates sustainable elements that make more efficient use of space and simplify assembly, while reducing power consumption. Increased power performance up to 40 A in a reduced 45 mm footprint is one key benefit to the space savings provided by Sirius Innovations products.

Additionally, Sirius Innovations breaks new ground with the inclusion of IO-Link communication modules that dramatically reduce control wiring and quickly snap onto contactors of direct, reversing and wye-delta motor starters up to 30 horsepower. The IO-Link modules also allow status and diagnostic data communication to the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) platform. AS-Interface communication modules for motor starters have also been added to the product range.

Siemens Industry, Inc.
Info. http://www.usa.siemens.com/Sirius-innovations

Bearing and lubrication cartridge

Colfax Corp.’s Lubrication Systems Co. (LSC) business has developed a MistLock bearing and lubrication cartridge for Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHEs) used in refineries, power plants and petrochemical plants. ACHEs use fast-rotating fans to remove heat from process fluids and transfer it to the surrounding air.

ACHEs have typically used grease to lubricate the bearings on the shaft that drives cooling fans. MistLock overcomes the disadvantages of grease by supplying a clean, cool and continuous oil mist that evenly coats surfaces. Positive pressure in the cartridge prevents entry of external contaminants that could otherwise cause abrasive failure.

Additionally, the MistLock bearing cartridge is designed to accommodate up to 20 degrees of axial and parallel misalignment of the shaft, which eliminates the need for shims. The bearing assembly is designed to allow axial thermal expansion of the shaft without restricting rotation.

Colfax Corporation
Info. http://www.colfaxcorp.com

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Krohne, Inc. has added the Optisound VU3X Series Continuous Ultrasonic Level transmitter to its extensive level measurement product line. The Optisound VU3X Series is introduced to meet specific level or open channel flow measurement needs of the North American industrial and municipal markets.

The Optisound VU30 Ultrasonic transmitter provides a reliable, repeatable and highly accurate (0.15 percent) continuous level measurement of liquids. It is capable of liquid level measurement to ranges up to 30 ft. (9.1 m), with a 2-wire 4-20mA, HART output signal.

The OPTISOUND VU30 sensor is constructed of CPVC for use in environments that are classified hazardous (Class I, Div. 1) with Intrinsically Safe or Explosion Proof installation requirements, temperature range from -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C) and with process pressures up to 50 psig. The system is available with either a 2” NPT or 2” BSP process connection.

The compact electronics comes standard with an integral display and keypad for local configuration and precludes the need for expensive hand-held communicators or PC software. Internal software features support over 80 standard flume and weir characterizations with totalization display in a resettable and a non-resettable format. Custom characterizations for non-standard Flow or tank shapes can be set up through a 21-point strapping table.

Krohne, Inc
Info. http://www.KROHNE.com/northamerica

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