Global Nuclear Development Potential, Pre-March 11

Issue 1 and Volume 4.

Following 2009’s “Nuclear Perspectives: Regional Opportunities for a Sector in Renaissance,” Ernst & Young in 2010 released “Nuclear Perspectives: Making Tough Decisions in a Time of Pragmatism.”

And for the second year in a row, Ernst & Young has assessed countries with potential for nuclear power on their attractiveness for investment. In total, Ernst & Young assessed 24 countries and all three countries profiled in this issue of Nuclear Power International are included.

All that may change following the nuclear crisis at Japan’s Fukushima station. Prior to March 11, India was considered a “Growth Engine,” a country with a major build programs that was meeting an urgent capacity need. Japan and South Korea were both listed as “Steady Bets,” nuclear countries with plans to renew their fleets or re-enter the market.

What the future holds in the post-March 11 world remains to be seen.

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