Spain eyes up Costa Rica for investment

Despite the economic crisis in Europe, Spain is interested in investing in renewable energy projects in Costa Rica, according to statement from the Anabel González, the foreign trade minister of the Central American country, published in La Nación newspaper.
González revealed the details of her recent visit to Spain’s capital, Madrid.
The representative of the Costa Rican government said that during her visit she had met with 80 potential investors or large Spanish companies involved in a wide variety of area, including clean technologies and renewable energy, as well as biotechnology and tourism and infrastructure.
Costa Rica, like many other Central American nations, could offer significant opportunities for investments in wind farm projects.
It is estimated that the Central America could generate up to 31,000 MW of renewable energy, of which 30 per cent would be wind power and 60 per cent from hydroelectric projects, according to Electrosector.
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